lamentations of lonliness

The Emptiness Remains

There is an emptiness that ever remains
filled occasionally by friends and lovers.
Voices of comtempt echo over and over again
laughing hysterically at this thread-bare cover.
As i try to hide my heart's blood stain,
I am surly lost and will find solace never.
For the din of voices are constant and vain,
they are evil, persistant, and oh so clever.
I harken to them in abysmal distain
for I know that I will never be severed
from the emptiness that rules my heart's domain,
a black hole without hope of love forever.

kathy lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-05-29 at 19:17

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Powerful Write.....

Pamela A Lamppa
So dark and truly heartbreaking. Wonderfully stated, that emotional void that leaves us ever so bleak....
But the good news is - TIME HEALS and love will again touch the heart in beautiful song. :o) Wonderful verse. ~Pam

Wow, don't I know these feelings well...great work!

Shas Ramlogan
I like the rhythm and flow of the poem. The last line is so powerful yet disheartening. But the piece was written so well. Thanks for sharing :)

Kathy this is such a lonley heart rending poem that i will say dont despair it is very well written from your loving heart and holds the reader to its valley of tears
well done
but dont despair rgds mike