This is my response to Lastromanichero's, Nepenthes, and Coolaaron's
If I Gave Yous....just a female's view!

If I Gave You... (my response to all the flowers)

If I gave you my heart
would you fill my room
with roses, lilies, and tulips

If I gave you my love
would you fill my days
with caresses, kisses, and bliss

If I gave you myself
would you fill my life
with joy, respect, and contentment

If the answer is yes,
I'd give you my best
my whole heart, my love, and myself

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-09-03 at 20:54

Tags Love  Dreams  Expressions 

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:) this poem is sooo sooo sooooo lovely( because it is written by lovely Kathy:)

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Another great work by a great writer. You are a treasure trove of beauty.

How beautiful you are
the care and you do show
a beauty this write..
amazingly gifted poet
you are:))
hugs of many

keith nunes
such an open and willing heart ... well written

You never stop amazing me. : )

~Aaron Rowe

Katherine a lovley twist as the man says so wonderfully crafted and beautiful thuoghts rgds mike

personally i don't need flowers, jewelry or chocolate...

can't a guy just write me a freakin' poem???

i love how this is exploding into a challenge of sorts, now someone just needs to write "if you gave me..." but i think nep might have already covered it when he said he'd sneeze...

what fun, what fun :D