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Her River of Thoughts

She was a woman
Living on her own
In a small apartment
In a small town
Along the river
Where she would go
To sit and watch the boats
And barges traveling
Up and down, going places,
And living their lives

She would often drift off into thought.

People passed in front of her,
as she sat
On the wrought iron bench,
She sometimes would smile
And say hello
Most all acknowledged her
In some way
So many different types of people
With lives that seemed to be
Different from hers
In some ways, it was true
In others, it was not
But being who she was
She never knew
As she watched them pass,

She would often drift off into thought.

She would linger awhile, perhaps watch
As the sunset changed the color
Of the sky,
The river,
And of her, too
As she watched these
Silent, slow, changes,
As day became night,

She would often drift off into thought

Then she would come home
To her empty house and she would
Write stories about people and places
And times that were real
And times that were not
Just her thoughts collected
And put on paper
She was a woman
Living on her own
Enjoying her freedom.

Kathy Lockhart 9/8/06

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 394 times
Written on 2006-09-09 at 00:02

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I see you.

keith nunes
wow! what tranquility, serenity - the joy of personal choice. you're a woman with plenty. a truly charming poem kathy

Katherine this is a beautiful poem and evocative of that flowing river this haunts me well done rgds mike

haseen whel
Very well written, a powerful poem...thank you for sharing your thoughts here Mom!!!!!kissess (daughter)

Phyllis J. Rhodes
I feel as though I am in a big hammok, a cool breeze blows gently, but strong enough to move me slightly. An opened book is lying face down upon my relaxed belly. My eyes are closed, I am listening to waves rush in and skitter out, a cloud filters the harshness of the sun. Nothing but white lenin touches my skin. I am smiling, at peace, knowing a precious woman, my true sister, is finding her real place and value in the world.

More than your body is free, it is your wonderful and beautiful mind, and it has found you peace.

how this write
puts you into a relaxation
of such a calmness to this read
and how this reminds me of someone
who I know ..
a very soothing read to me
loved it !!! a beauty this poem..
my fav.......
love cindymac

Forgot to say & Bookmarked it.

Yes, sounds like a friend I know..

Very calming Write

Loved it, Needed it..

I love the slow pace, the quiet flow of this text, just like that river...