5th anniversary of Hell crashing through America's door.

Five Years Ago

Five years ago
I was teaching a classroom of preschoolers.

Five years ago
I was innocent in my belief that America was safe.

Five years ago
I had to protect the innocence of children in my classroom.

Five years ago
The children built with blocks and knocked them down.

Five years ago
I saw planes crashing into America, piercing its heart.

Five years ago
The towers of man were knocked to the ground.

Five years ago
I stood watching TV as my country was attacked.

Five years ago
I watched as my world was covered in the dust of death.

Five years ago
I saw people falling from the World Trade Center Towers.

Five years ago
I watched as people ran into the infernos to aid others.

Five years ago
My innocence was raped, assualted, and murdered.

Five years ago
My eyes were made whole; my vision made clear.

Five years ago
I learned that hatred is powerful.

Five years ago
I learned that love of neighbor and country is powerful.

Five years ago
I started to cry for five years.

Kathy Lockhart

Words by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-09-11 at 08:03

Tags Love  Dreams  Expressions 

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Amanda K
such a powerful poem. Sep 11 was a bloody day that the history will remember for years with hot shed-tears. i admire your style here and the flow and esp this line" I learned that hatred is powerful"

Alison Clarke
Dear Kathy:

This poem is very powerful; I too, even though I am Canadian, was very affected by what happened on that horrific day. Artists all over the world will always be haunted in memories, words, hearts, and in actions. I totally understand. God bless you for letting out your sadness, frustration, in an honest, poetic, and sincere way.


Phyllis J. Rhodes
this has the power that day calls for. well done. you've said it for all of us. and you've relayed it from a very difficult perspective, a teacher of the most innocent, watching the results of the actions of the most evil.

F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
five years ago i was watching in shock as the tragedy was unfurling before our eyes on tv over here and no one was sure if the first plane that hit was an accident... it was difficult for me to believe it was... as the second plane hit, the magnitude of horror that washed over me is undescribable... to this day, i would never have words to describe the feelings that were coursing through me... while all of this destruction was going on and as the towers fell, my youngest son was born... a day of terror, fear, and unspeakable pain throughout a nation and the world... and a new life starting in the midst of this violent rampage of hate and madness... my thoughts and feelings were at each extremeties, just tumbling and bumping into one another... what kind of world was it to be bringing a child into it, was one of the thoughts running in my mind... so many things were just going in my mind, it was a total circus within me... this day is not one anyone will ever forget no matter where they were when all of this was happening...

today, we are celebrating my baby's 5th year of life, but there's always on my mind the day that the world was seized in a hellish nightmare of all nightmares... all of those feelings of that day will always be there with me, as it's sure they will be for the rest of the world as well... *hugs* xx

Sandy Hiss
Kathy, this is so beautiful. I can relate to every line so well. Let's hope that this doesn't ever happen again. It was a senseless, cowardly act that I will never understand.


There's no more to be said.
Only you could have put a horrific day
in this type of perspective.

Powerful meaningful write!!

Hi there Kathy thanks for posting this powerful poem rgds mike

a sad day indeed such
horrific terrorist attacks
that Sept. 11th day..
in America..a very moving
love you my mommakac

haseen whel
A very sad history that will happened in america...I don't want to remember this day!!!...thank you Mom for sharing!!!!kissess(daughter)

keith nunes
a moving tribute kathy. your country has been through a lot in five years. it's fitting to remember this terrible event. well done