more knight dreams as the lonely princess awaits in her tower of longing.

Quivering Heart

My heart is in your hands
and you massage it oh, so well,
that it quivers with each tender touch
then turns red with passion as it swells.
So, tell me of your love
as you speak to me of your desire.
Let me walk in the heat of your light
as you set my crimson heart on fire.
I feel you in my dreams
pulling me into your warm embrace,
holding me close and strong in your love,
as you look upon my sleeping face.
Upon the dawn of the morn,
I awake again alone in bed
with visions of a nighttime romance,
playing loving scenes inside my head.
How long will these dreams last?
Will they only stay for a short while?
When will I see your face, your lips kiss,
and abide in reality's smile?

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-09-15 at 01:38

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hi there Kathy this is a beautiful poem

and i see you are dreaming again you write more beautifully when you do well done rgds mike

My mommakac! how you write
Beautiful romance..dreams so
what can I say you are such a beauty!!
who ever wins your heart...what a gift he will truly have!!!!
love you!!
cindymac a ron i :))))))))))

Phyllis J. Rhodes
The first four lines made me cry softly deep in my throat and I knew I was in for it. By the beautiful close, I wanted to know too, when, when, oh when would the lips of fantacy become flesh, pulsating, moist, firm yet soft, gently devouring, real flesh and blood lips of perfection upon your lips. I want that for you asap! And hey, I wouldn't mind that for myself either! This poem just brought it all so alive I had to go find my husband and lay one on him!

Rob Graber
Abiding in reality's smile--What a great final image!

''How long will these dreams last?
Will they only stay for a short while?
When will I see your face, your lips kiss,
and abide in reality's smile?''

really loved it

Shimmering tears of infinite pleasure
Into caressing arms I whimper and melt...
Softly fondle me with words of seduction
Lead on... O knight of chocolate and felt!!

keith nunes
a beautifully realised romantic poem that sent shivers down my spine!

Judy T Lloyd
I agree with Linda this is eternal. A wonderful piece.

May this knight take great care of this beautiful heart with sweet caresses. Great job!!!

Michael G
wow! this is really increadable! i enjoyed reading it. this definatly deserves a 5!

Zachary P. B.
wow kathy...

what a fantastical write... for all dream of far away places, but where is the magic in the world we know?

perhaps you'll find it. =)

great job.

Oh fair Kathy, this a poem so sweet for many the romantic heart

that would be me lol

love it to bits