more of that movie clicking away....blame it on Phyllis; she loved her...

Moutain Echoes II

Dark eyes encircled by coal dust,
he, weary, from working the mines
walked over the stark hill to find
his sweet wife, Emeline
lying face down near the
sycamore tree
with baby Caroline
crying, sobbing
for her mother's care
Her mother's care
that just was not there

He ran with a vigor
that he thought wasn't his
He ran to his darling Emeline
his love since 1929
when he married her
on a cold day in November
two years ago today
He remembered
as he picked the dried
Golden Rod along the trail
a gift for his wife, his life
that he found fallen
'neath the sheets
now ghostly
in their appearance
as they flapped aimlessly
in the wild and unforgiving
wailing winds of their
Virginia mountain home
All had gone wrong
and she lay dying
while the baby sit

And the white sails
by the wayward wind
sent the ship tossing
in turbulent seas...

kathy lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-09-20 at 01:35

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Praise God! Part two has sealed this story into my heart and it is throbbing there, waiting, waiting for its next beat. Yes this is a movie, in color, tinted in browns and golds of older movies about the younger days of mountain life. Keep it giving it life. So many of us have simply fallen in love with it. No one can tell this story like you.

I love her too... I like this movie, and I want more too... And I should probably thank Phyllis for making you write this...

You continue to move me with these poignant pieces.

a lovley moving write:)

keith nunes
powerful write kathy. vivid images and a tragic world. strong stuff!

Loving this story....sounds like an old blue grass song of love lost and dyin'