She drove down the long vacant highway
No sign posts, no lights, no trees, no life
She hungered for more than her own thoughts
But as she drove, her thoughts became reality
The sound of the tread whirling upon the blacktop
Became the voice of a host of angelic butterflies
Their wings creating a sound like a thousand
Voices all singing a heavenly harmonic chorus
The words were simple; they were majestic

"Rise Up!"
"Rise Up!"

Over and over again, those words were sung
With a chilling volume that seemed to fill the world
She became uncomfortable; she felt herself changing
She was no longer in a car; she was cocooned
Her body began a metamorphosis inside her casing
As she struggled to move, darkness encapsulated her
No movement could be made, but the sound, the singing

"Rise Up!"
"Rise Up!"

Continued to enter into her soul
Penetrating deeply
Filling her with a desire to expand, to explore
She pushed, shoved until a rip was heard
The chorus stopped singing
The world grew quiet
The only sound was the tearing away
Of her confinement, her prison.
Then the chorus began again

"Rise Up!"
"Rise Up!"

Purple, Red, Gold, Emerald Green

Intricate, Bold, Detailed, Defined

Glorious, Beautiful, Strong, Heavenly

She burst forth in all her regal splendor

"Rise Up!"
"Rise Up!"

And as she arose, she began to sing
Her voice echoed across the deserted land
The desert of her old life, the dead life

"Rise Up!"
"Rise Up!"

She sang

Then she saw

A lone car traveling down the highway
With one poor lonely soul behind the wheel

And she sang for life, for freedom

"Rise Up!"
"Rise Up!"

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 517 times
Written on 2006-09-29 at 02:10

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Chris Fernie
Dear Kathy,

Is this your 'Battle Hymm of a Republican... or a Democrat'? This is a great poem to say out loud, nay, sing out loud. You have a passionate voice, thank goodness.

Cheers, Chris

Do I see you, dear? Or have you just hidden away those pretty butterfly wings?

A beautiful story about life through the eyes of a butterfly!!!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
So we know where all those butterflies came from! This is a miracle. This is...the word I want to use is is certainly devinely inspired. You have touched every part of my being.

keith nunes
good for you - freedom is afterall just in the mind

thats pretty deep.

it reminds me of tom petty's new cd highway companion...

but that was...amazing, im at a loss for words..i never was good at commenting written works lol

so....super!! goodjob