Truth as I remember it.

Living In The Past (Hippie Challenge)

Feathers in the wind
Blond shaggy hair,
Low hung jeans,
Ragged fringed flair
Gentle people there.

Bare feet with pink ribbons
Thonged between my toes
Freckles across my nose
Halter tops, and love grows
Where Rosemary goes

Long leather belts
Floppy brimmed hats
That’s where it’s at
Crossed legged I sat
On a macramé mat

Hoops and bangles
Silver and gold
Patterns of colors bold
Bong pipes sold
Bob Dylan told

Of Times that were a changin'
And war-weary tears
Some chaotic years
The A-bomb fears
Losing my peers

Incense, peppermints
Living on my own
Trying to be grown
Seldom alone
I must have been stoned

Purple haze, smoky daze
Infecting my brain
An Allman Brothers' train
A whipping post in rain
Delightfully insane
Pass that joint again

And in refrain...

Break on through to the other side...

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 340 times
Written on 2006-09-30 at 23:08

Tags Love  Dreams  Expressions 

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Now that's a movement!!!

Jessica Rexroat
Auntie this is one of my favorites! I can see it, hear it, I can smell it (?) pot or patchouli - hard to tell sometimes. This one is real, man, real, dig?

Hmm???had to be the pot
back then!! A haze I felt in this read lol:)
A blast from the past! I felt the HIP!!
what a trip!!!!! lol:))))

Phyllis J. Rhodes
A lilting melody
of jingle jangle poetic tangle,
on a tri;p to sea
was it pot ot LSD?
Nah, it was just our attempt to flee
a nasty thing called reality!
Loved this one!

keith nunes
a cool tribute to a colourful and promising period. great nods to the super groups and an allround great poem kathy!