We both have decent lives
That weíve been committed to for so long
But when weíre alone together
Those public lives seem to be gone
When itís just you and me
We go places that we shouldnít go
But we do it without regret
We never want to say no
Youíre always there when I need you
So many things youíve helped me through
You know exactly what to say
When I havenít got a clue
But the secret is so painful
Not just to them but to me as well
Itís hard to keep these feelings to myself
Sometimes I just want to tell
Although it seems that Iím happy
I wish I could be with you
But I know we both have others
And there is nothing I can do
Iíve grown to love you in a way I shouldnít
Because your life is all planned out
You know youíre going to marry her
And you have absolutely no doubt
It hurts me to the core
That Iíve fallen in love with you
And I know that I canít tell you how I feel
Because our relationship would probably be through

Poetry by sarahashley
Read 261 times
Written on 2011-10-04 at 22:16

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