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C-F Haegring

37 years old from USA

The latest comments that C-F Haegring has written.

The Hopeless Cafe

Well written and strikingly melancholic and close.

Our never ending poem ∞ *revised*

Along the shore
the ice was paper thin
there were small frozen waves
with white little fins

one little ripple thought:
I might be frozen still
but circles never stops to grow
winter just gives me time to heal

minus degrees breaks the flow of time
for the world to stop and think
one long hibernation dream
for our cores to eat and drink

Want to die

I concur with Blilith below. This is an honest poem. It talks.

I think that every situation is another life; but we can only do our best, we can't catch all the juggling balls every time. There has to be room for mistakes, no one's perfect. That is also true for the persons we are interacting with. Sometimes people are insulted for no reason, off course we can try to be as smooth as possible. But people only grow out of authentic actions and intentions.

Crying window.

sometimes the feelings are pounding but not let in/out.

a nice poem!