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PoetBay was developed to be an enjoyable experience for all people with access to the internet, regardless of age, gender or nationality. We respect the privacy of all our members and guests and therefore we aim to collect only a minimum of personal information.

Privacy is important to us. We won't share your email with anyone, and will only send you emails when necessary, and that will be rarely. We won't display your email to the public on our website, unless you choose to publish it yourself.

Why do you have to give your email address to PoetBay?

To register as a new user, PoetBay requires an email address. This provides a simple way of identifying you as a user. PoetBay also uses the email address for communication, e.g., to supply new passwords to members who have forgotten their password. PoetBay will NOT reveal your email address to anyone else. Furthermore, PoetBay will NOT send SPAM to your email address. The email address will only be used for the maintenance of PoetBay.

Use of cookies

Cookies are pieces of information downloaded to your computer when visiting a website. A cookie is like a digital footprint, containing certain information that tells us you have visited this site before and help us to track movements within our site. This information does not enable us to tell who you are or where you are. PoetBay uses cookies primarily to make your visit here more enjoyable.


Poems and other material published on PoetBay are copyrighted by the respective authors. The responsibility to ensure that material does not violate any copyright laws is primarily that of the poster. PoetBay will not try to profit from the individual works posted on its site.