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PoetBay is a poetry webpage where you can publish your poems and short stories.

This webpage started as a nonprofit webpage to provide a safe haven for authors. Our ambition is to make PoetBay a meeting place for English speaking/writing authors interested in publishing and improving their texts. One of the most important aspects is to enable authors to receive feedback on their works and thereby develop their skills. We also hope to provide a positive climate where you can enjoy the company of like-minded companions. uses considerable resources such as bandwidth, internet servers, and databases. To help cover the costs of operating, you may choose to contribute as a PoetBay supporter. By becoming a supportive member you will not only share the financial costs of operating this site, your contribution also helps the developers to continue maintaining and developing Thank you!

If you register as a free member, you may not only view poems and texts written by other members, you can also publish your own texts. In addition, you can write comments to others' poems, send private messages to other members, as well as bookmark your favorite poems.

If you choose to become a supportive member, you may also, in addition to publishing your texts, create and publish exhibitions containing photographs, drawings and art. Supportive members are also allowed to publish an unlimited number of texts each week (limited to five texts per week for free members) as well as being provided with an HTML editor for writing and editing texts. The limit on the number of messages saved is also raised to 500 messages.