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July 2020

Hi everyone,

We've uploaded our updated code, then made a few adjustments on the server, and we've been monitoring the site since to make sure all is as it should be. It appears to be the case for the new code which is very good. The server will take a bit more time 'cause every change we make we have to observe for a while. But things are progressing!

Editorial Team (requires login)


RSS feed (26 Jun) 01 Nov FIXED
Order of Friends' latest 5 texts on My Friends' Texts is incorrect 29 May Hold
Tidying up of website files (remove unused variables and unused files, etc) 16 Jun Halfway through
Tidying up of the database (remove unused tables, etc) 16 Jun FIXED
Server performance | login session timeouts, etc [Currently monitoring] 21 Jun In progress
Website security | Forms puzzles outdated 21 Jun FIXED
Post uploads | Throughout removal of a function no longer needed in the code 22 Jun FIXED
Website cache | Adjustments for private and public views on the site 30 Jun FIXED
Editorial Team account | additional features implemented for management 03 Jul FIXED
(Challenge) Themes | Make available to all members, not only Supporters 05 Jul FIXED
Update of the Editorial Team's Extra presentation page 05 Jul FIXED
Update of the support section | modified the layout and presentation 05 Jul FIXED
Updates in the Help section | FAQ, Editors, Contact us, Privacy, Report, Terms, About (rewording, removal & additions) 05 Jul FIXED


Server | Limit access of web crawlers (ex. Google page indexers, etc) to rectify the bloated counts on visits and readings 21 Jun Hold
Texts | Applaud button available on mobile even if text has been applauded (device specific) 12 May In progress

In progress / Halfway through: We're currently working on it.   ☐
Hold: To be done later.   ☰
FIXED: The problem no longer exists.   ✔

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