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June 2021

Hi everyone,

We've had to put a temporary hold on completing the work for the new feature, 'cause while working on it, we came to the conclusion that we really need to finish the cleaning up and reorganizing of the whole site's code before trying to add new features.

One of the main reasons for doing this is to make our code management less of a headache than it's been (ie code's very messy), as well as make new features easier to add (a long overdue need). This part will take a while to complete 'cause it's as close to rewriting the code sitewide; however, our new framework is shaping up very nicely. We're very encouraged!

Editorial Team (requires login)


New feature | Coding phase 1 25 Mar DONE
New feature | Testing phase / Coding phase 2 started in Mar 01 Jun Hold
Website maintenance | Restructure code file system and code's foundational setup to clean up for consistency, efficiency, and making future developments more manageable [this is part of our site's code cleanup phase - see Update 2] started in Mar 01 Jun In progress
Framework setup (FS) | Establish a consistent and organized naming convention of our variables in our code, and replace our current variable names with the new naming convention. started in May 01 Jun In progress
Framework setup (FS) | Reorganize our code into proper sections; Make sure functions are all written as efficiently as possible and there are no redundancy or clarity issues left. started in May 01 Jun In progress
FS-1 | Create and organize sections for our code files; Edit the files to reflect the changes [3 sections completed, which finalizes our framework's files setup that we'll be using as our model to convert the rest] started in May 03 Jun DONE
FS-2 | Finish restructuring and editing the current handling of exceptions for better coherence [clearest error logging possible is an indispensable programmer's tool] 05 Jun DONE
FS-3 | Remove and rewrite the current way the website's cache is being managed for better real-time synchronization of the actions and stats (ex. message read in the sent box or number of reads of a text, etc.), and for better consistency which will simplify its management 06 Jun In progress
FS-4 : Editors' Dashboard | Remove unused code and menu tabs from this section; Make it more functional and user-friendly; Create additional practical website admin tools and their menu tabs; Display dashboard link on volunteer editors' account 07 Jun DONE
Editors' Dashboard | Create a few more practical functions to make updates of the home page easier to manage for the volunteer editors; Create a few more admin tools and their menu tabs; Brush up the final layout 10 Jun In progress
FS-5 | Structure and organize a more consistent and concise management of the website alert messages 13 Jun In progress

In progress / Monitoring: Currently working on it / Currently monitoring   ☐
Hold: Temporary break / To be done later   ☰
DONE: Work completed   ✔

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