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Order of Friends' latest 5 texts on My Friends' Texts is incorrect 01 Sep Hold
Finalization of tidying up website's 'words' files (Remove unused variables; Spelling corrections; Rewording, removal, additions, etc) 15 Sep DONE
Server performance | login session timeouts, etc [Currently monitoring] 06 Sep DONE
Editorial Team account | additional features implemented for management 03 Jul DONE
(Challenge) Themes | Make available to all members, not only Supporters 05 Jul DONE
Update of the Editorial Team's Extra presentation page 05 Jul DONE
Update of the shop section | modified the layout and presentation 05 Jul DONE
Updates in the Help section | FAQ, Editors, Contact us, Privacy, Report, Terms, About (rewording, removal & additions) 05 Jul DONE
Exhibitions | Make more user-friendly, Minor design adjustments 24 Jul DONE
My Page | Still displays "Trial Member" even if member has paid for a Supporter account 24 Jul FIXED
Critique Pool | Restructure the bullet points ratings, Adjustments 28 Jul DONE
PB accounts transfers | New PB PayPal account; New PB PayPal buttons; Shop page designing; Order Receipt designing; Email notifications of payment; Testing it all works 29 Jul DONE
New PB PayPal buttons | Implement on the site 01 Aug DONE
Volunteer Members/Volunteer Editors | Set team, calendar, tasks; Update Editors' page and Editorial Team's presentation pages 18 Aug DONE
Updates in the Help section | FAQ - Additions (How to change account author name; Assistance header, Report copyright issues) 18 Aug DONE
PB PayPal | PayPal account settings adjustment 21 Aug FIXED
Server performance | Settings adjustments [Currently monitoring] 04 Sep DONE
PB PayPal | PB email confirmation of payment sent twice 04 Sep FIXED
Server performance | General code maintenance; Resolve logs 06 Sep DONE
Categories | Corrections for the calendar and display of texts 10 Sep FIXED
Critique Pool | Unable to select every bullet; Correct recent commenters' ratings in the pool 15 Sep FIXED
Website maintenance | Display a notice on a suspended account's My Page indicating it is suspended; Modify website emails to exclude suspended accounts 21 Sep DONE
Server performance | General maintenance of database 21 Sep In progress


Server | Limit access of web crawlers (ex. Google page indexers, etc) to rectify the bloated counts on visits and readings 01 Sep Hold
Texts | Applaud button available on mobile even if text has been applauded (specific to older browser versions of Google Chrome) 01 Sep Hold
Login | Password reminder function not sending the email 25 Jul FIXED

In progress / Halfway through: We're currently working on it.   ☐
Hold: To be done later / On a break   ☰
FIXED/DONE: The issue no longer exists / Work completed.   ✔

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