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March 2021

Hi everyone,

Now that we've resolved the pressing repairs / adjustments portion of the work on the site (25 Jan), we will do our best to get on with the enhancements and new features any free time we have.

We thank you for your great patience and support. We couldn't do it without you!

Editorial Team (requires login)


New Feature | Edit button to correct typos in comments written by you on others' poems 15 Feb DONE
Modification | Side pictures on Today's Texts, Top Ten, and text Categories pages are now Poems with pictures instead of Exhibition pictures 15 Feb DONE
Reviews | Add Edit button to correct typos and ratings in the comments written by you on others' poems in the pool 17 Feb DONE
Modification | Clean up the navigation of the website's top main menus by adding/moving/renaming/removing items (see details in Update 1) 18 Feb DONE
My Texts | Adjust Text preview's page width to correspond to Text editor's page width 18 Feb DONE
My Page, Themes link | Change link click to lead to the Create theme page instead of the My Themes management page; Add menu tabs highlight to show the current one being viewed 19 Feb DONE
Website maintenance | Remove unused files; Synch code files in work environments 19 Feb DONE
New feature | Conception phase 22 Feb In progress
New feature | Coding phase 25 Feb In progress
Website maintenance | Clean up for consistency, rename files; Remove unused files 27 Feb DONE
While working on the new feature, we found a few minor bugs (radio buttons not selected, etc) requiring a few adjustments in the code, so we corrected those. 27 Feb DONE

In progress / Monitoring: Currently working on it / Currently monitoring   ☐
Hold: To be done later / On a break   ☰
DONE: Work completed   ✔

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