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March 2020

Hi everyone,

We've had to take a break in the last month, and we're still not free to carry on. As soon as we're able to, we will continue.

As concerns the issues that came from our migration to the new server, they've for the most part been resolved, except for a couple ones left that we will continue to resolve as soon as we can. Refer back to this list for up-to-date information.

Thank you for reporting any issues you encounter.

Editorial Team (requires login)


Creating an account / Sign up 01 Nov FIXED
PayPal / Supporter 'membership' 01 Nov FIXED
Sending emails from our site (Contact us, Report, Send text as email, Send message by email from writer's profile page, System emails) 01 Nov FIXED
Website maintenance scripts 01 Nov FIXED
RSS feed 01 Nov Hold
Homepage and My Page counters not updating because of website cache 02 Nov FIXED
Profile page displays 'http://' for empty link fields 04 Nov FIXED
Unread messages counter doesn't appear on all pages 06 Nov FIXED
My Exhibitions adjustments (exhibition without pictures, error msgs) 07 Nov FIXED
Text picture upload doesn't resize picture properly 09 Nov FIXED
Doing searches on member names with only 3 letters or with spaces doesn't work and Search (member) and Search (text) features need refining 12 Nov FIXED
Text picture icon to replace the word 'pic' 12 Nov FIXED
My Options | 'Do not show my bookmarks' still displays the favorite bookmarks on view text 13 Nov FIXED
Tags make more accessible and useful (Phase 1) 15 Nov FIXED
Increase/Decrease font size on view text doesn't work 15 Nov FIXED
Layout of Archive on profile page in need of width adjustments 16 Nov FIXED
Homepage website cache adjustments 20 Nov FIXED
Books | Display book category, Clean up the presentation in the Gallery 20 Nov FIXED
Tags | Display them on view text, Modify 'Search tag' for more useful results (Phase 2) 20 Nov FIXED
Exhibitions | Pagination needs a fix, Clean up the presentation in the Gallery 24 Nov FIXED
Displaying of punctuation and accented characters is incorrect (question mark on newer texts) (01 Nov) 07 Jan FIXED
Adding of '?' for new lines, spaces, and accents in PMs (02 Nov) 07 Jan FIXED
Home page Ed. choice | Exhibition pictures (Featured Photos) addition 07 Jan FIXED
Editors' dashboard tweaking needed (01 Nov) 07 Jan FIXED
Access to comments in diary fix doesn't work on new server (01 Nov) 08 Jan FIXED
Create Tags menu tab and page on writer's profile, Create Tags menu button on My Page page (21 Nov) (Phase 3) 08 Jan FIXED
Exhibitions & Books galleries | Include former Supporter accounts' exhibitions and books, Display book date 08 Jan FIXED
Layout of Archive on profile page, additional adjustments 08 Jan FIXED
(Challenge) Themes | Make more user-friendly (01 Nov) (New: No longer necessary to submit a text before publishing a challenge theme) 10 Jan FIXED
My Bookmarks | Move category adjustments 10 Jan FIXED
(Challenge) Themes | Display on Today's Texts the latest challenge theme posted (Every new theme gets displayed there, but no longer than 5 days, if no new themes are published) 11 Jan FIXED
(Challenge) Themes | Setting a theme on existing text isn't working, Description box strips out new lines (breaks) 11 Jan FIXED
'Read this from me' | Favorites list's limit of 10 texts isn't uniformly applied 12 Jan FIXED
My Tags | Testing before implementation on the site (Phase 4) 16 Jan FIXED
Tags | Cleaning up Tag tables in database (Phase 4) 17 Jan FIXED
My Texts | Add a text (title) search option in author account to search their own texts 19 Jan FIXED
Character display issue | Finish fix by replacing the '?' & gibberish with the correct characters throughout the database 24 Jan FIXED
Website security | http:// to https:// 24 Jan FIXED


Profile shortcut link (ex: 02 Nov FIXED
Profile picture upload & save triggers an error msg that the email address is already in use. 03 Nov FIXED
Order of Friends' latest texts on My Page incorrect 05 Nov FIXED
Login session too short (getting logged out not too long after login) 06 Nov FIXED
"Quick edit" link missing on view text in My Page 24 Nov FIXED
Adding of '?' for punctuation and accented characters in Texts and Comments (for some users) (05 Nov) 07 Jan FIXED
Number of weekly readings on texts bloated because of web crawlers, etc (20 Nov) 07 Jan In progress
Website cache | Archive page monthly text counters don't update 15 Feb FIXED
Website cache | Applauds log doesn't update 08 Mar FIXED

In progress / Halfway through: We're currently working on it.   ☐
Hold: To be done later.   ☰
FIXED: The problem no longer exists.   ✔

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