[01 Sep] - Editors' Choice nominations (result)


During the month of August, we asked you to nominate memorable poems you've come across on the site through the years (2005-2020), and that you'd like to see featured on the Home page for the whole community to discover and enjoy. 


We had a difficult time selecting only 6!  But here are the final choices which are currently featured on the Home page:


Dancing through the Garden   by Morpheus

Eve, in memoriam  by Arti

Coffee and Kibbles  by Åsa Andersson

you broke down in promise eyes white turned  by Ghost of Heino 

Mundanity  by josephus 

a n x i e t y  by aidan haskel


All of the nominations were wonderful.  Here's the full list we received from you by comment, PM, and email, including a few of our own: 




by StillHoppin  


Do not shed tears  

by Scharlie Meeuws


Creature of Routine 

by Rob Graber 


Hip Hop  

by jenks 

Visitors at My Window  

by vladimir turmanev 


A Few Lines Inspired By Rilke

by countryfog


Civil War

by Marie Cadavieco

At home for breakfast

by Liam


Snowing Petals  

by Esti D-G


A Nation of Morons  

by Lawrence Beck



by one trick pony


Calamitous Jewels  

by  F.i.in.e Moods & Thomas D


Three Exercises  

by Thomas D


Be Kind, Little One  

by Melody


"All or Nothing Thinking" (2nd draft)

by Ngoc Nguyen



Thanks to all participants - We hope you enjoy!


Tip:  If you comment on the older posts, remember to tick the "By email" check box before pressing the Send comment button.  This will send an email notification to the author to inform them that they've received a comment on one of their poems.

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Well done top 6! I'll enjoy reading them all.

Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
Congratulations guys and well done great job

bibek adhikari The PoetBay support member heart!

Good to see so many fine poems here.