An English sonnet inspired by a friend...

Creature of Routine

She calls herself "a creature of routine":
The daily, weekly, monthly, yearly round,
Well worn, now wears a certain satin sheen;
She wears it, firmly and securely bound.

Yet not entirely without chagrin
Is this admission that she finds fulfilling
A life that, from the outside looking in,
Might well appear a good bit less than thrilling.

The sudden crash of cymbals, trumpet's blare:
Dramatics are what some folks seem to need
In order simply to remain aware
They are not dead, but still alive indeed!

While music smooth and low well suits the spirit
Of those whose ear is fine enough to hear it.

Sonnet by Rob Graber
Read 1059 times
Written on 2016-09-17 at 19:48

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Scharlie Meeuws
Love you sonnet. It's flow, its expression...
It could be me you are writing about. I recognise it!😀


Dear Mr Graber,
Please teach me how to write sonnets that flow as smoothly and effortlessly as yours. At first I hated them, then I realized I was jealous. I come to you know as a pig headed son who is old enough to make friends. There is one sap and one root. Let there be commerce between us.

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
So good to see the sonnet master at work again. Great job!

Kathy Lockhart
It's a thrill to read your sonnet! I absolutely love the mystery and the intrigue of the subject matter. In other words, what the heck is she wearing! All bound up and so sheeny! lol Metaphorically speaking. I love it!! great to read you again. :)

A pretty tribute to the finely tuned.
For subtle tops the garishly festooned.
(Sorry I couldn't resist.)
I enjoyed this sonnet a lot.