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Welcome to our page and feel free to leave us questions, comments, or suggestions!


The Editorial Team account is used as a point of contact with us for all the members of PoetBay. 


It is used to inform you when your poetry has been chosen to appear on the Home page.


From time to time, we also post poetic challenges, classic/ modern poetry, as well as interesting content relating to the writing arts.  We also occasionally post Community Polls & Discussions in order to include everyone in decisions concerning the site.  


In addition, it is used to keep you informed or updated on the technical aspects of the site.


For the latest news and updates, visit our News page where I keep you informed about what we're working on, and what's going on for the website.





admin & tech  (quickest way to contact me is by email) 



assistant editor, volunteer 





We have a few members who volunteer their time to the site.  They assist primarily for the Editors' Choice on the Home page at the moment.


We're always welcoming to more members who'd wish to join our efforts! (more details) 




Editorial Team


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MY TEXTS, Archive 513 Texts

A Bird Song (1) - 2023-09-18
Above the Clouds (1) - 2023-09-11
Old and New: A Parable - 2023-09-04
A Contented Man (1) - 2023-08-28
A Poet's Wife - 2023-08-21
To The Poet - 2023-08-14
Epigram on hearing of the burning of Moscow - 2023-08-07
A portrait - 2023-07-31
A Farewell - 2023-07-24
She I love (alas in vain!) (2) - 2023-07-17
At Night (1) - 2023-07-10
The Night is Darkening Around Me (3) - 2023-07-03
The Jackdaw of Rheims - 2023-06-26
A Fish Answers (1) - 2023-06-19
An Old Workman (1) - 2023-06-12
The Fall of the Leaf (1) - 2023-06-05
Dead Sea Fruit - 2023-05-29
A Hymn to Bacchus - 2023-05-22
A Bard's Epitaph - 2023-05-15
Songs On The Voices Of Birds. A Poet In His Youth, And The Cuckoo-Bird. (1) - 2023-05-08

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