What challenge themes are;

How to create a challenge theme;

How to participate in a challenge theme.

How-To: PoetBay Challenge Themes




Themes are essentially an invitation to the members of PoetBay to participate in a writing exercise (challenge) of an idea you have or a form you're fond of or anything you can think of.


And they're an opportunity for everyone on the site to try to write something different.  The goal is to share in the fun.


This feature regroups all of the texts from the members who were inspired by a challenge and submitted a text to try it out.







1.  From My Page, click on the Themes link (bottom right,

     under "Have good ideas? Why not set a writing challenge!").


2.  After clicking Themes link, your own themes menu links will

      show these : My Page, My themes, Create.


3.  Click on the Create link.


4.  Put a Title and Description for your challenge.


5.  Click on the Save button.


6.  After clicking the Save button, you'll be directed back to your My

    Themes page.


7.  From My Themes, click on the Publish link.  Then your challenge will

      be public and available for members to participate.


8.  Optionally, you can submit one or more text(s) to your own challenge

      (from My Themes | Submit a text link or from Write a text to this

     theme link on the challenge) before or after you publish it.  It is no longer

      required for the creator of the challenge to submit a first text before being

      able to publish it for others to participate.






1.  From Today's Texts page, click on Challenges (to view all challenges

     available) OR click on the single latest challenge theme's Title displayed

     above 'THIS DAY'S TEXTS' on Today's Texts.


2.  From Challenges, click on Themes.


3.  On Themes, click the theme that interests you from the list.


4.  Once you've clicked on a theme's Title in the list, click on the link 'Write

      text to this theme', to create a new text for that particular theme (top

      right side).


5.  Click the Save and Publish button and your text will be automatically

      set and submitted to the challenge theme chosen.





1.  To submit one of your already published texts to a challenge, you must first

     send it to Drafts.  


2.  To do that, click on My Page, then My Texts.


3.  From My Texts, click the Edit link on the text you want to choose. 


4.  Once you've clicked the Edit link, you can move your published text to

      Drafts by clicking the Move to drafts button. 


    *Doing this will reset the stats of your text once you publish it again

      (original date of publishing to current date and number of readings on

      the text to zero).


5.  Once your text is placed in Drafts, then you can Edit it again as a new

      text, which will give you access to the challenge Themes dropdown menu

      list you can choose a theme from.


6.  The dropdown menu list is located in the More fun to your text

      section on the bottom right.  Click on Choose theme.


7.  Then click the Save and Publish button and this will submit your text

      in the challenge.



Need more help?  Don't hesitate to contact us.





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