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From 2009 up until 2020, PoetBay had two owners (Anna & myself, both PoetBay members). For personal reasons, Anna had to let go of the project this year (read more on it here), and I agreed to take on responsibility of the site to carry on as its sole owner.

I'm first and foremost a member of the site who likes to write.  Well before my administrative involvement, I've been a member here since 2005.  It's some time later in 2009 that I became co-owner & webmaster of PoetBay. 


However, as of July 2020, I continue on my own, along with the help of volunteer members.  As the owner & webmaster, it means I manage :

    > the website & communications from members;

    > the support for the volunteer members/Editors;
    > the server; 
    > the database; 
    > the webhosting service (monthly fee)
    > the domain name (yearly fee)
    > the website's PayPal account (yearly incidental charge fees)
    > and I take care of the coding (repairs, adjustments, enhancements).

PoetBay isn't a site geared to making profits - the contributions made by members who pay for a Supporter account  only go to defray the yearly costs of keeping the site online.  


So, I do all of this out of love, in my free time, because of my passions for writing, for the website (plus coding), for sure, but more importantly, I do this for the PoetBay community.  Many have expressed over the years how the site's become many good things for them.  And that's really why I'm very happy to keep on. (read more on PoetBay's history and other reasons on a more personal level as to why it's important to me here)




You'll notice that in my Tech news/updates, I'll sometimes be saying "I", and other times I'll be saying "We".  The reason for that is the following : 


    >  Sometimes I do the tech work on my own;

    >  and other times I'm partnered with my husband. 


He's also been a long-time member of the site, and in 2009, he began helping in the background as a PoetBay tech volunteer.  He's only involved with the tech side of things (especially on big jobs), not the running of the site. That's why he's not named on the Editorial Team page (also, the limelight isn't his favorite spot 😉 )  He also does this out of love, in his free time.




There are also other volunteer Members who help out in the background, and who also prefer to not be in the limelight.  These members help in selecting the Editors' choice featured member poems on the Home page, as well as suggest classic/modern poetry for all to discover and enjoy.  They also do this out of love, in their free time.


At the moment, there is one volunteer Editor (MetaPoetics) who also kindly offers his time.  With his background in literature, he provides for the community a lot of interesting content relating to the writing arts and poetry.


As an Editor, there are other tasks of a more administrative nature to be taken care of aside the Home page selections and other posts we publish to the community.  It doesn't require any particular technical knowledge... knowing how to use a webpage is all that it takes.  But it does require a little bit more time.


PoetBay is a collaborative effort by PoetBay members.  It couldn't survive without it.  If you're interested in helping out (become a volunteer Editor?), there are many ways to do so, just contact me for more details.


I hope you enjoy the site and our community!