Indexed below are each section of our Terms of Membership which can be directly accessed from the following links.  Please review or familiarize yourself with our Terms to make sure you are aware of and in agreement with them.  Thanks!

PoetBay's Terms of Membership (Links index)


    ⇾    Advisory about Cookies

    ⇾    About our Terms of Membership

    ⇾    Assessment and implementation

    ⇾    Vision of

    ⇾    Friendly atmosphere

    ⇾    Comfort


    ⇾    Children under 13

    ⇾    Children under 18

    ⇾    Erotica content - Age limit 


    ⇾    Usernames (Author names)

    ⇾    Images

    ⇾    Self-portrait

    ⇾    Comments


    ⇾    Plagiarism

    ⇾    Copyright infractions

    ⇾    Self-promotion

    ⇾    Solicitation


    ⇾    Censorship

    ⇾    Removal of Publications and Other Posts / Banning

    ⇾    Privacy

    ⇾    Blocking a member

    ⇾    Deleting your account & Comments


    ⇾    Persona feature - Creation of a second account


    ⇾    Suicide and Self-Injury

    ⇾    We may need to change the Terms of Membership


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