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Website Features & Modifications (Update 2)


29 Mar | Update 2


Hi everyone,


In the last month, we've been doing a lot of work in the code to create a new feature, as well as been doing a lot of reorganizing and restructuring of our code file system, and code's foundational setup, to clean up for consistency, efficiency, and making future developments more manageable.  The latter part will take a lot of time ('cause it's as close to rewriting the whole site's code), but it's going very well so far.


As mentioned when we started the repairs in Sep 2019, we inherited quite a mess due to the code having been worked on by 4 previous programmers before us who all had their own way of implementing their bit of code.  So, the natural progression after having done all of the repairs in the last year, is to finalize this reshaping endeavor we began to its full conclusion. 


Doing this clean up will be very helpful for future developments to not waste so much time looking for what we need to find in the hundreds of code files and which file it's in!  And, of course, the inconsistencies can create problems or complications when trying to add new features, so cleaning that up will be important too.  Making the whole code structure consistent and clean and organized as it should have been built and maintained from the start will be of immense benefit.  


A small update just to let you know where we're at in our work for the site.  We're hoping to launch the new feature soon!


Hope you're all doing well.  Be back in a bit...






 18 Feb | Update 1


Hi everyone,


You'll notice we've made a few changes in the navigation of the website's top main menus by adding/moving/renaming/removing items.  This to clean up the look a little and make the navigation more cohesive in some parts.


Here's what we did :




   > Removed Challenges to separate Critique pool and Themes;
   > Renamed Critique pool to Reviews pool and placed it to this menu;
   > Moved Galleries one place over on the menu;

   > Replaced side menu on other pages with this menu instead.




   > Moved Themes to this menu;
   > Renamed What's up? to News;
   > Moved News one place over on the menu.




   > Placed the Top Ten link within the calendar;
   > Now displaying Poems with pictures on the Themes, Reviews, and Editors'
       choice pages.


We hope you'll like!






15 Feb | 'What's up?' | New Feature


Hi everyone,


We were able to do some work on a new feature... finally! Also, we made a little modification on the display on the site.


NEW FEATURE | Edit comment


You will notice that when you visit a poem where you left a comment, you will find an Edit button that will give you the ability to correct typos, or add to your thoughts, in your comment(s).


However, if you make a significant change to a comment of yours, you will need to contact the author of the poem by private message to let them know so they don't miss it.


We recommend using the Edit button for corrections, and writing a new comment for additional thoughts. New comments will notify the poem author.


MODIFICATION | Pictures (on Today's Texts, Top Ten, and Categories pages)


Instead of Exhibition pictures on display, we changed it to display random posts from all of the members' poems that were posted with a picture (2005-now). Clicking on one of these side pictures will lead you to a poem from now on.


We hope you will like these!



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Written on 2021-02-15 at 23:51

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
I love the idea of an "edit" button! Thanks.

josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Thanks so much for the comment edit feature. It will save me from significant embarrassment!😜

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Wonderful thank you, Isabelle. :)
Ken D