New home equipment, new programming system, some free time again... we're all set to go!

[14 Feb] - We're back and resuming our work on the site...



Following on from last year's interruptions and unplanned break 

( ref.: [29 Mar - 03 Oct 2021] - Website:  Progress Journal (Updates 2-8) )


Current update's headings, about website stuff :

 On the programming side of things (Resuming the code cleanup phase, then concluding the poll)

→ On an administrative side of things (A small change about Editors' Choice on the home page)

 On the "more recent" side of things for the home page also (Need your help for the home page)






14 Feb 2022 


Hi everyone,


Glad to say our circumstances have improved and we can return from the unplanned break we had to take for most of last year!  Finally!  We have some available time again (Sats-Mons, more soon), and yesterday we were able to resume where we left off.


On the programming side of things:


So, back to it, the immediate plan for the coming months is the following:


     Conclude the cleanup of our code and the conversions of our files to the

         new structure we created (details in journal update #2 above and News page);

     Conclude the July Poll(!) and put in place the solutions.


The first job takes a lot of time as it involves hundreds of files to modify (we're halfway through this part).  The second is dependent on the first being completed which is why it's been lingering all this time. 


A few things got unusually disorganized as a consequence of our personal troubles last year, and we're deeply sorry for that happening.  We're back now and we'll see this very essential part to the end. 



Doing this will make it possible for us to move on to the more interesting part:  improving / freshening the site and creating new features (options) for you.  Then, move on to the last phase:  site promotion.



Thank you all for your understanding patience!  All of it is a long process, but you can count on that we'll get through each of these important steps.  They will ensure we can move PoetBay on and that is our ultimate goal.  


On an administrative side of things:


The Editors' Choice on the home page are now updated every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks.  This is to help make the activity presented there appear less stalled and more recent date-wise to keep things more interesting for current members and visitors. 



Also, about the Editors' Choice selections:  All members are at all times welcome to send us a message to nominate a member's poem they feel should be featured on the home page.  



On the "more recent" side of things for the home page also...


We're in need of new member Books and Exhibitions, 'cause most of the ones we have to select are majoritarily from members of many years ago who are no longer active on the site.  It'd be very nice to feature more recent and active members' works again.  


Books and Exhibitions are a more visual way of featuring authors' works with the images they choose for them.  I think it makes our community space on the home page presentation visually prettier and more inviting for everyone, too.  



The advantages of your poetry Books and photos from your Exhibitions (photography or art) being featured on the home page are you'd get longer general public exposure of your works and possibly more visits to your page.  At the same time, you'd be helping us showcase our community and your talents to visitors & prospective members!  PoetBay is you!



If you need any help to create a Book or an Exhibition in your account, please contact us, and we'll gladly assist.


As always, any and all thoughts are most welcome.  Hope you're all doing well and we wish you a very good new year!  We're immensely happy to be back! 







Returning back to the usual, next website updates will be posted on the News page (to avoid non-poetry taking too much space in your poetry space) -- unless there's a big change affecting you, then it'll be posted here on the main list to inform you more directly.  Many thanks again!

Words by Editorial Team The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2022-02-14 at 06:13

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Editorial Team The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi everyone,

I think I should specify so there are no misunderstandings... the Saturdays-Mondays schedule only relates to the programming time we have for now. For every other website matters, the schedule remains the same: any time.

Also, the work we'll be doing on the site for the coming months will not affect the site's normal operation or will it look too obvious to users once we apply the changes 'cause it all involves structure of our files and code, not the design.

We are not uploading the changes to the site as we go, 'cause if we did it piece meal like that, the site wouldn't work anymore! So once our files are all converted, and we're ready to upload the changes, we'll put out a notice to advise you before going ahead. All this to say, our work is very much background, and it won't affect anything for you as we do it. In case that might have worried you.


Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Pleased to hear all is well Isabelle,
Last few years where very difficult for all of us.
For me the only good thing that came out of it,
Was finding poetbay many thanks for all your
Brilliant work.

Griffonner The PoetBay support member heart!
There will be many who do not appreciate just how much work is involved in what you are doing. I certainly do, and can only applaud you with all my heart. Thank you. Thank you.

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
I also thank you, Isabelle. Your hard work is deeply appreciated.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank you, Isabelle. I am thinking of publishing my work. Looking in to it. I need advise & suggestions. I have posted link to my poetbay page up on Facebook. Since I did, my stats are more than one & a quarter millon reads! Thanks to poetbay. :)
The sperllcher appers not to be working my end. It could be a firfox ishue, my mate Keith, going to check it out for me at the weeekend.
Ken D