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The people behind PoetBay. Not listed are the volunteer PoetBay members who kindly assist in selecting a variety of poems to be featured on the home page for all to discover and enjoy.


Isabelle : One of the best memories I have is the thrilling feeling I had as a first-grader about holding a pencil and forming my first letters in my workbook. From that day on, it has never crossed my mind to not write. I've always enjoyed the space and freedom of where words can take me and it's a clearly defined passion of mine among others.

After having spent a couple years on many different styles of poetry websites, I was invited to join PoetBay in 2005, and my feeling of then is the same today, if not stronger: I simply love the site.

So, I became a part of the Editorial team in 2009, and later, the co-owner, until becoming the owner in 2020. As the webmaster of PoetBay, I'm dedicated to assisting members as well as maintaining a pleasant environment for all to enjoy. To this end, I hope all members will realize that the rules of this site are intended to protect PoetBay's continued existence as an environment conducive to creativity.

As PoetBay's previous owner had expressed in her presentation: "We writers are sensitive souls. Let's take care of one another by making sure that PoetBay continues to be a haven for those of us who love to write." - and my sentiments couldn't be any more in agreement with that.

On a last note, I'm also very passionate about ensuring the current and future technical enhancements / developments of PoetBay.

Please never hesitate to contact me for anything.

Let heart & imagination rule the moment.


MetaPoetics : I grew up reading Nepali and Hindi poetry but started reading English verse once I was in high school. There, I discovered the joy of reading romantics like Wordsworth and Keats, along with the modernists like William Carlos Williams, Hilda Doolittle, Marianne Moore, among others.

After I graduated from college, I began reading voraciously, from Whitman to Ginsberg to Bukowski. Of late, I've grown fond of the works of contemporary poets like Charles Simic, Philip Levine, Billy Collins, Li-Young Lee, and Simon Armitage. During coffee breaks, I read a poem or two and scribble something, often emulating the "great poets," yet trying to sound like myself. The search for my true poetic voice is still going on.

It was 2016 when I joined PoetBay, and I have so many pleasant memories here. I met many like-minded fellow web-poets as well as kind mentors. I keep coming back here whenever I find some free time, and I've enjoyed all the different kinds of poetry that are posted daily.

As a volunteer assistant Editor, I help by choosing some of my favorite modern poems for the Editors' Classic/Modern poetry posts. I also compile interesting ideas/opinions/essays/interviews on poetry and publish the extracts here.

Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.



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