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downtown downtime

Written 2019-09-16

Monday, 16 September 2019

Fighting of the flu has been a late summer past time and a late winter chore. We had gotten on well enough the whole of this summer season. But things are taking a downhill turn. It doesn't help that feeling unwell also brings on a very lousy mood. So Ms K has been quite out of it and not very responsive to any coaxing.

Today is Grandparents Day in Japan. There was hardly anyone on the road. The trains were wonderfully "empty." But it was still hectic by South East Queensland railway and metro standards. You can't win it all. The long white cloud has also settled over the archipelago.

Added to this was the fine misty rain that was more like light rain but with the consistency of a drizzle. It calls to mind a leaking tap with very high pressure pushing against the stopper. And so it rained the entire day.

It was otherwise an okay outing to the Tokyo central train station, a grand 19th century edifice with modern interior fittings. The crowd of shoppers and holiday makers was dizzying. Also, as we have observed over the last year and a half, there would be 4 foreign tourists or so out of every 10 persons that you meet. It was thrilling and all but only momentarily. Ms K did all her souvenir hunting, basically badges, pins, and key chains. After which we found this wonderful little spot to grab a bite to eat– great price, decent flavour and generous service sizes. One could not ask for more.

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see you in September

14 September 2019

Written 2019-09-14

Ms K wasn't feeling well today. It must be the change in the weather. All of a sudden the punishing heat of this humid summer has given way to much cooler weather. There is also that sudden release from now completed term end assessments and scholastic requirements. Perhaps it also rounds off the picture that Ms K has been enrolled at two schools at the same time. So much pressure.

Now that summer has officially ended, it's time for a minute break. At least from distance education which will start up again in a fortnight. It being the end of the summer holidays, there is also the matter of mother's birthday. Tomorrow she turns 80. Could hardly believe it! She has always been 34 in my head. Time has gone it way, both merrily or otherwise. With my brother turning 40 yesterday, it has certainly been an eventful September, however banal these days may have been.

The years have been both cloudy and swift. And each time September comes along, there is to be found again, the root and branch of my thought and emotional beginnings. Some 12 years ago, Ms K became a part of the fabric of this life. Hope she feels much better in the morning. And while some people have Paris, we shall most decidedly have September.

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on this day

13 September 2019

Written 2019-09-13

Very thankful for a gift to get this account a heart for another year.
Perhaps the server problems will not be dramatic and the investment would allow me to continue to share words that have been written.
It is my brother's birthday, so yay!
It feels good to be able to do something at will.
Perhaps, this will be a step forward into living this life that has been given to me.

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