I would say it is just a matter of time before these two are a couple again... Just look at her stubborn face ... not a face that has dealt with something sorrowful ... the roses thrown on the ground, a gesture of irritation .. I belive the young man had

i don't know why but this scene reminds me of Gone With The Wind...when Scarlett proffeses her love for Ashley but he turns her down...the girl seems like the pampered and stubborn type..she looks like shes been turned down by the man..u can see from the

Maren Liland
i can not be what you want she smiles please he replies i love you dear of all my heart from head to toe from life to death i love you so if i am not who you want need and long for then i will not live nor will i die i have played my part

Maren Liland
too bad the whole comment can't be shown. I had this long poem-like thingy I wrote

Phyllis J. Rhodes
It just wouldn't be fitting. He the son of a fisherman, me the daughter of the Master of Wilfred Hall. Oh if only he would sell that blasted boat, he should be well set with such a purse.

The painting is called 'Off' by edmund Blair Leighton  by lastromantichero

It appears as if a liasion with the young lady has been called to a premature end

My challenge is for you to answer why

The painting is called 'Off' by edmund Blair Leighton