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I was born in Sherpur District, Bangladesh, in 1981. I have got a Honours in English Literature at Rajshahi University, and am now doing a Masters in the same subject there at the University. I have a book of poems entitled IMPASSE, which was published in 2003. I am primarily known as a poet who juggles with words and thoughts. To enjoy this sort of identity with my intentions to go beneath the skin of the poet of such stature, I have spent much of my time for literary pursuits in different genres of literature. I have translated a lot of French poems in my early life as a poet and some of them were published in IMPASSE, my first collection of poems. Poetry is my first great passion, translating poems into English and writing critiques on poetry my second, and fiction my third but it does not mean that fiction is less identical to my temperament. Moreover, I am now working on IN LOVE WITH A GORGON, my second collection of poems. I write short fiction as well. Of late, I am working on a long story 'Ashes of the Cremated Dead' for my first book of short stories. I love writing non-fiction as well; my first non-fictional prose is 'A Double-born Kid's Tale', a work in progress. I believe life is nothing but the history of moments that we share with each other; so, writing opens up just another way for all that.

Writing friends
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