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once dead, I'll have so much more to say
I could come back and tell what we find on the other side
but if eternity would depend on it, I wouldn't

is knowledge a question of digestion?
you become what you eat

proof that knowledge does not exhaust itself, if I were scholar I could write 5 volumes on the letter E

I plead in this society for more homophony and less homophobia

Notice to rappers!
the word belongs to the dictionary and is self-service. Please return it in the condition you borrowed it!
Avis aux rappeurs
le mot appartient au dictionnaire et est libre d'emploi. SVP, remettez-le dans l'état où vous l'avez trouvé!

tu as cru ce que tes ennemis pensaient sur toi
you believed what your enemies thought about yourself!

if A is the code of B which is the code of C
what is the code of A that gives C?

if you are lacking contact
turn on the ignition (mets le contact)
or go get money from the bancontact

someone in the crowd looks at me
someone is looking at him
I'm looking at this someone
The circle is complete


Are quotations the shortest sentences that have a right of ownership ? and the word God belongs to the ownership of God?

you don't have to live abroad to understand what foreigners immediately understand here. Namely, outside one's community, there is no salvation!

I found it easier to love someone who
is totally different from me that
loving someone that has some traits
related than me

If you use words and syntax that don't belong to you, do you think you can develop reasoning that only belongs to you?
what makes a phrase yours such as proverbs?

people who don't know who to vote for now, are the same as those who take a last minute vacation, it's the same marketing approach that applies to them!

opinion's dealers

Does Trans gender increase diversity or mixity?
mixity because Trans is a transfer, an in-between
diversity because it's a new gender?

trauma is memory by shock?

the rocket industry so far is a business of destruction, right?

If you want to be very clean before going out clubbing
it's necessary to
1) purify yourself spiritually
2) wash yourself with soap
3) do an enema

Deep down, I believe that JCVD, "the muscles of Brussels" was a prophet. He told us: “You must be aware” and then the Woke movement showed off !

in the past, I used to write poetry
now, I am more into political diatribes

the dealers are opinion's leaders

the books that I don't read don't collect stories but for me, souvenirs...

My scribblings are all about putting my incoherences into words!

Does justice create wealth? No doubt for judges and lawyers, but for those who must defend themselves, nothing is less sure...

Tatoué qui Carlos ? Moi, yé toué personne

I feel sorry for myself but that’s not how I like myself

I like ska and schnitzel
less the s-ka-lope

if people from the same state
are bond together
it is through artificial links?

pity is not love, right?
if it's correct
then pitying myself doesn't mean that I love me and care about me!

for me, one species surpasses another when it can recreate the species it extinct by means other than the species in question!
Example: AI is superior to humans if it can recreate humans that only humans can achieve by reproducing for the moment! (the myth of Frankenstein replaces the living creatures by the dead and isn't exactly what I mean)

I have a sister called Avril and a brother called Averell

the Bible is an invention that tempts to hide their authors behind a creator that doesn't exist

if work is artificial, so are the holidays, right?

I talk like an ignoramus, I say ignorant things and I collect likes from ignoramuses

all the events that the journalists call "historic" are the events that will go down in the media or down in History with a capital H!

everyone has their place on the street but not all manifestations can occur in every regime...

what if it was all the language that was anti-Semitic*, designed as a far-right political weapon with roots and origins stigmatizing a community, a language of brown smurfs
*for instance: jewellery could have been an antisemitic word but is not (jewel doesn't come from the word jew) !

I believe that God reveals the most common psychological traits in men while math (not just math) reveals to you whether you are part of an elite perhaps... (I don't like the word elite because we are all necessary! Nature makes no waste)

Do serious people take you for a joke?


I had no choice, I had to study with the Bolsheviks: you can become a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer but on one condition, that you learn it from the Bolsheviks
but why?
but because the government which hosts this university is itself of Bolshevik extraction!

Do we become an added value when we have dual nationality? If so, are we taxed, taxed on the person added or only on the products?

no one should be cut out for studies, no one wants to become a professional student, right?

because men are not thermometers, they just feel the heat

pays-bas ou pays basque

Trump adapts to the mega-rich by giving them gifts and wants migrants, all migrants, to adapt to him (they have no possibility of being respected by force)

what if human skin was like a waterproof human bag that would hold all the liquids inside?

democracy is when politicians adapt to the population. Autocracy is when the population must adapt to politicians? Is the context ignored?

heat is a feeling, it is impossible to give the exact temperature of the feeling on your skin but only an interval of heat (statistical value?)

when I understand something new, I don't understand something that no one understand but I understand something that everyone already understood! (like a child not a PhD)

alone, we don't have the flaw of selfishness, right?

It is astonishing that a people who consider themselves the chosen people end up occupying the place of the scapegoat!

those who believe in God do not know exactly what they believe in; on the other hand, those who do not believe know exactly what they do not believe in but that doesn't exhaust the whole domain (if it exists) of God's existence, right?

Are there professions that are mocked by men and respected by God for its true human added value ?

Do you withdraw into yourself when you question your state of mind?

a war, a ward, award

je suis le régime (à l'eau) de Vichy (Célestin)

once dead, I'll leave my posterior-ity for the lucky ones to kiss it !

ne pas confondre: régime de bananes avec république bananière

the military industry wherever it is, are the subcontractors of foreign armies?

gluttony seems written in your genes, as for hunger, it's a phenomenon that comes and disappears like the surf

It's not that we have to overcome evil with evil like in a war, but to exhaust a delirium, do we have to live it to the end?

collect the voices of prisoners who have no right to any visible existence

you can't decline all the errors associated to you
without having the risk of being taken for an irresponsable, right ?

the more gaseous it is, the more statistical it becomes ?

the fine dining is a matter of gluttony not hunger, right?

when I eat in a fine restaurant, I start my second meal as soon as I ate my first one, because when we are hungry, we are ready to eat anything, we want the hunger to stop, not the gluttony to stop!

the fact of having the mind emptied of God or the empty mind with God (naming the emptiness in the worst case proves that at least we are not alone because God is a faith, a thought that is outsourced, right ?)

inflation is when goods become more expensive or the price of money decreases (you need more money than before...if the price of goods did not vary), these are both my captain, right?

if the universe was something like:
when we leave the container we enter the content etc... getting out a chamber through a door and entering in the same chamber through another door...

"Les politiciens ne font pas de Cartier"

j'ai du sexe mais j'ai pas de cul

Pierre Komsany

ce n'est pas parce que tu as du cul que tu fais souvent l'amour!

I do research on common sense, I am one of its specialists

Dopes transform a society which consumes products into a society which only consumes the mother of all products..."In dope, we trust (the president is a misguided chemist)"

Little or Lidl market?

cruelty is a sade-ness

what is normal today is consensus, that does not concern tomorrow's choices, right?

if you can think about emptiness, you are not so empty, right?

if you are sick of common sense, do not go and see a specialist of the common sense
if you don't know what everyone else knows, you know a thing or two about emptiness!

Socratic-al mind or so critical mind or so cryptical mind?

a delocalized and inverted (in)justice:
treated fairly outside their homes and unfairly at home, you could say that, right? When we move enemies elsewhere, we move conflict zones as for peace, we still have to invent it!

Chrétien, chré tien, crée-tiens

my dad and my mom had nothing in common
so imagine me as the intersection of two separate sets, here I am

the fact that we can know why God punishes you makes me doubt that he exists...An animal does not know why we raise it in an enclosure!

no one wants their father to go see prostitutes except your best friend who her father visits in the evening in her bed!

Ce sont nos impôts qui permettent à la caste de politiques bruxellois de mener grand train...?

don't mix hermits and selfish people

since you didn't suck it off your thumb
as far as you can go inside yourself
That’s the farthest you can go with the others, right?

is it a dream, an invention ?

my recipe for happiness
to be happy, you must be able to be carefree
to be carefree, someone needs to care about you

I sell powdered water
air under vacuum
gaseous ground
and fire below zero degrees

don't link outrageously those following terms, Albert: students, breeders and thé groom
the students are educated, the breeders are fattening and the groom brings you to the next level


je suis troublée, tu es floue

without a task to perform, you are free like air that is not used to blow in the sails?

Are all cultures the same? Are the most sought-after cultures those with the highest market value (culture is available in the form of commercial products: films, books, music, fashion, food, etc.?)

the ones that sadists don't like are consenting people because if they consent, then they are no longer really sadists

when you have been turned around like a pancake, when what you hid becomes visible and what was visible becomes hidden, what will be your value? a photo of you in negative! Confessors see life negatively.

pedagogy is what a student does not learn from a teacher but it is what allows him to learn.

all these taxes that we pay support the politicians and allow them to live from their lousy and incompetent policies

if competition produces better professionals, it does not always allow clients to access these professionals who are often reserved for an elite of society because in the end, everyone has the right to earn their living...and the rest must just pay and accept what he gets for the same quality of money.

I always believed that adults who had something in store for young people would find themselves in teaching

isn't "everything is in everything" an antanaclasis ?

In rhetoric, antanaclasis (/æntəˈnækləsɪs, ˌæntænəˈklæsɪs/; from the Greek: ἀντανάκλασις, antanáklasis, meaning "reflection",[1] from ἀντί anti, "against", ἀνά ana, "up" and κλάσις klásis "breaking") is the literary trope in which a single word or phrase is repeated, but in two different senses.[2] Antanaclasis is a common type of pun, and like other kinds of pun, it is often found in slogans.[3]

Is your doubt important enough to give rise to an experience from which you can learn something?

"à chaque jour, sa pathologgi"

in Australia, they limit immigration, in Belgium, the government solicits immigration. Australians have enough by improving the lot of those who are already there! The others don't have enough domestic wealth, Are previous generation immigrants in an ejection seat, right?

what I know does not come from me, I did not suck it from my thumb. Ultimately, I have memory, logic, emotional, language skills, etc. that reformulate what comes to me from elsewhere!

what is the difference between imagining and inventing?

invent, the source is in you?
discover, one discovers something that is outside of you? but again Socrate said: know yourself, so there is a knowledge to discover about yourself, right?

either the pathology is very widespread and then it is very easy to treat. either the pathology is rarer and you must consult a specialist!

How to measure the happiness of a country? to the number of citizens registered in foreign embassies...The more there are, the happier people are abroad?

you don't want to be alone but it's the only way you've found to realize that you're not going crazy alone! (madness comes from others? Is it an external flow?)

what is impossible, a religious paradise or an eternal life in this life?

Putin is doped, he reacts as you don't expect!

Is paradise an interior or exterior state, a state that we imagine in religion or an environment in which we want to live?

hit or shit?

estimate the risk (let the children play...): Are you going to commit suicide to get to paradise?

you are very intelligent, but how far will your intelligence go?
Until you get access to it and graduate with it!

I can protect myself from the rain under a weeping widow...(paronyme)

paradise among the living, we can do it, live it, paradise among the dead, only imagine it but sometimes the imagination differs from reality, nothing says that if we become eternal, the two paradises shall merge in the facts....

when a single party divides into two competing parties, it is because there were too many apprentice leaders at the start among the people or because the people were too undifferentiated, which prevents us from having the best leaders, right?

if everyone is a university graduate, then competition for a job is no longer based on the intellectual abilities of the candidate but on arbitrary criteria such as origin, age, gender, eye color, the profession of the parents, the network, right ?

I lead the ambient bullshit into the arena

the longer the war lasts and the losses are greater, the greater the risk that the Russians will use the nuclear bomb given the effort already invested in the war...right?

if you make people laugh, it is because you have discovered the mechanics of humor and the effect of laughter is ineffective on you since you know all its mechanisms...

I don't know if these people hate others as they love their lands?

I'm impressed by people who know how to take risks, but not risks at the Casino!

a slave, when purchased, is expensive but then, when used, you do not have to pay him a salary!

Being affected by Alzheimer's disease is like emptying yourself of your substance, your content, little by little. only the shell remains

AI creates distancing from oneself and increased connection with others (i.e. AI) because it knows you better than you know yourself. For example, it tells you if you are left or right (depending on the leaders of the left and right but do they have the truth?)... what is the point of voting?

I want to read the cookbooks that star chefs pass on to each other and not those intended for mass consumption... (such books don't exist?)

in French, there is what is called a dictionary of synonyms but the figures of speech are also full of substitution figures, resemblance figures... that replace other words. For figures of speech, the dictionary of synonyms is an amateur's book, right?

I would love to get out of trouble on my own but I'm dealing with people smarter than me

living in a country is cost-free, really? for whom?
if you're a vagrant, you pay next to nothing and people pay the police through their taxes to watch you and the police is paid...?
you are the issue of a balance between the advantages and disadvantages: you are useful to the police and there must not be too many like you otherwise, it will generate additional costs for citizens through the taxes!
You must still pay something to live in your house?
if living somewhere always costs then we must always have a way to earn money, otherwise the country's propagating criminals?

to be integrated (to find his place?), you have to experience your environment, by doing this, do you modify a tiny bit your environment? ...you can't know it by sucking it on your thumb

he knows that she knows
but he doesn't know what she knows

-I like that it’s easy AND that it lasts a long time.
-...but the fact that it lasts a long time makes it perhaps not so easy
-hé, that's why I'm a good loser, losing doesn't require any effort or skill, you let yourself go, you lose, it's a win every time!

when a prophet tells the future, he does not project himself into this future...it is a future without him most often, right?

his words are worth gold: he speaks and they give him food, he talks a lot and they build him a house... (it would happen if he could expect the future with a high occurence)

the Bible, the Koran, is it the code of morals?
La Bible, et le Coran, c'est le code des moeurs?

know yourself said Socrate
but I learnt more things from the others than from me?

j'ai s(a)igné sur le texte du diable

Do doctors reject suffering AND death or do fighting one means fighting the other?
one suffers without dying
one dies without suffering

are men the future of apes if we as men can not recreate apes? (also with machines recreating mankind...)

things very new get old very fast...?

in archaeology, what is old is very valuable
in technology, what's old is out of date

our morals are the ancestors of our laws?

the vagina is the mold of the penis?

Par habitude, on revient à son habitat?
out of habit, do we return to our habitat?

Am I a work in progress?

I want to furnish my happiness, I don't want it to be an empty room

motus et bouche cousue

I would have liked to invent a process that accelerates the aging of wine for which terrestrial years count triple (the older, the more expensive)

the secret code complicates, the language clarifies? the program code solves complex problem and the human language solves legal problem almost always by coercion?

Does God pay in dollars or does He live on credit? (In God we trust)

let's hope that people are patient enough to let you live all your years and doctors are professional enough to restore you to health

the words of a judge can take away your freedom and force someone to feed you? (words for food) economy of the food, food for justice (there is plenty of food for everybody )

is the universe the universal container?
the universe contains everything but is contained by nothing?

Has Donald Trump with his repeated scandals tarnished the function of President of the United States of America? Even Putin has started to distance himself from Mr Trump, right?

if you have to choose between 2 options, do you prefer to be in your country for free or be in your house for a rent?

Gérard Depardieu a été mis en examen pour "agrégation" sexuelle !

(des mots et des mets): I open my mouth to let words come out and food come in. This place of passage is my business, (words against food, intangible versus tangible)

being together only makes sense if we are not all together because the definition of the whole is made in relation to those who are not with us, right?

we have their people but we don't have the land
we have their land but we don't have the people!

if you decode the language, you are not going to discover buried secrets about the creation of the universe, right?

I transformed my philosophy of life into soft metal to cushion and resist shock!

If there is no more random in life, there is no longer anything new that can happen, right?

The NVA, by proposing lists of candidates in the French-speaking part, is it engaging in foreign affairs policy?

the French language is a long-discovered secret code, right?

using money creates new money. it's like planting seeds, it makes even more seeds? economy, is it the deformed mirror of nature?

Anna Wintour impresses me so much that even when I watch her in a video, I don't dare to look into her eyes!

Hi Larry, it's Hillary

Do countries at war pollute more than countries at peace? In any case, in war, the decarbonation policy is obsolete...?

listen to the resemblance between: "I know this" and "I notice"

something makes me believe that progress has a limit that man cannot exceed since destruction is the opposite for me and has a limit, there is no endless destruction?

the French language is not read as a secret code that needs to be cracked, yet if one day a very complicated theory is to be discovered, it could be clarified into the French language...?

if you are hated enormously, your hatred in return must be like a shield, if you can hate even more, it becomes like a spear. Jesus takes the punches like he's a piece of rubber but he is not!

the modern woman doesn't need anyone

there comes a point when hating too many people is just beyond my strength but the appetite for destruction can last?

I find it hard to believe that all these years of illness have made me so stupid

I can't decide for you what you consider stupid or not but I can decide that you are stupid or not

rate- narrate

politicians. is "catering profession" they are feed with words

it's not for you, it's not you! it's for the disunited states

"it's wurst it"
before the independence of the Congo, the Belgians wanted the Congo without the Congoleses now they have in Belgium the Belgian Congoleses without the Congo

il y a des arnaques
au pays de Balzac...

the man is trustworthy because of his money and on the American banknotes we find: "In God, we trust"

there are wars, because people die in disorder...first the soldiers, then perhaps the leaders...

the cycle of violence: at the start, man is weak, he acquires knowledge, he becomes strong, he tests his limits, finds the others who grows in opposite directions from his way, he goes to war, he gets injured, becomes weak again, he starts again to acquire knowledge, he becomes strong again, he goes to war...

sorting is the first step to an exit...?

meditation+action => medit-action

enseignant est un métier de bouche?

when I'm in a neighborhood, I have ambient thoughts (brain)
when I talk to a friend, I have words of friendship (mouth)
what you say depends also on your mood which depends on the context like a perfume...

we do not need to understand our happiness to enjoy it but to understand our studies to enjoy them !

there are different states of awakening which designate consciousness...?

technology will save me from my malaise, moreover, I am thinking of emigrating to Japan for my old age. At the hospital, the poor are entitled to their high-tech devices while the rich are entitled to a service worthy of the greatest palaces (Hospital + 5* Hotel= HOSPITEL)

workers from all over the world!
maybe we have all something to do here but nothing to do together
exodus: everything to do together but nothing to do here!

the borders: there is a moment when your knowledge no longer applies, it's the jungle, it works well for young people who are in the process of learning in a bountiful environment

there is nothing more faded than the word racism
here in Belgium

the last of the mohicans: if you want to be from here, you have to have the face of the mohican

racism is not something that develops alone

vertical fascism, horizontal racism?

maximum competition is war is destruction
competition builds and destroy ?

"lis le livre" est une allitération ! liaison de lettres

if competition does not exist at university, then it will be even tougher in professional life but with what rules, those more and more warlike ?

either your illness is accepted and then you are a diminished man or your illness does not exist and what you are capable of doing is really you!

the world is divided into 2 factions, the best & the rest!

the opposite of the Belgian motto: "Unity is strength" is a) I fight like a lion in a 1 against 5 or together, we are not Belgians

you pity THE workers but the workers do not pity YOU, is it a matter of workers or pity ?

the native Brussels resident, with me, he plays discreet (show your money first, it's like a poker game) but in the presence of the Germans, he is very expansive (I am trustable, I'll show my money)!

the woman when she lives with a slave, she feels less burdensome

I'm a wannabe Algerian, I know we don't have a good reputation as a whole (we don't get easily visa's)... but that's ok because I am a good person as an entity...?

RAS: rien à signaler ou retour aux sources

what is life but a long meditation?

God made no promises to me at birth like fairies do over princesses' cradles

fusion & metamorphosis are not the same...the fusion of two frog gametes does not give rise to a crow

I'd rather cry at home while it's raining outside
than rain at home and have to cry outside!

if you don't trust our currency, how would it get you to do a job you're paid to do?

are extremist parties in democratic countries actually Trojan horses of foreign powers?

those who increase when I decrease
those who prosper when I decline
are not my associates but my competitors
(and the government doesn't care because it taxes both)

your freedom ends where that of others begins
your freedom has no limits but that of others well...?

is he testing his freedom or his limits?

discovery+invention= progress
but not always for the best...?

the moors' mores (les moeurs des maures)
the slaves' slaves

mores precede laws?

our mores are designed so that our women know how to defend themselves without the help of a man...?

the Ancient Greek philosophers did not know marketing but that did not stop them from making their wisdom popular until today!

I propose that all those who are in favor of mixity wear the veil, men included. Mixed religions to make one great religion (fusion of religions) do not exist!

through technology, we make animals become like men (transanimalism), men like augmented men (transhumanism), animals acquire rights and we all become vegetarians

the more you get old, the more free time you have but not with the same stake

to burn a book is to constantly want to kill its author!

progress vs perfection
antinomy couple? at the infinite of times, progression reaches perfection or progression is a materialistic illusion? (if there is destruction, it was progress...?)
have we progressed too far for God not to have become anything other than a retrograde idea or does God progress with us?

if the government decriminalizes the sale of dopes, prices (+taxes) and quality will be under control ?
if the mafia's have power over the drug trade, prices will decrease....?

permitted but expensive vs banned but cheap ?

vertical facism...racism is not so vertical?

the prophets are always sober and inspired?

If trump says crazy things then it's like he's drunk

habit is like armor that supports us...habit is a habitat?

to say that finally we have all the eternity to understand something is absurd, right?

I don't think you tell the truth when you're drunk but "everything you said might be used against you" applies even when you are drunk


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