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If we want to change society all we have to do is change how we measure and judge what is most important for our lives. Unfortunatley, first we have to get past the obstacle of understanding the "Human condition", with respect to understanding how we make choices and why we make them.


In my mind there is only one real question in politics, "How do we get everyone to work for the benefit of all?" All other questions and debates are fueled by the politicans and leaders inability to satisfactorily resolve this one question.


If our illustrious leaders every return their gaze back to this question, hopefull they will reflect on what "money" actually represents. To me is represents "somebody elses time". Your time and my time. The time that we spend on this earth. Billions of dollars in a bank account equates to millions of hours of somebody elses time (life on this earth) that can be bought and sold. Time that can not be spent living dreams.


Surely a society where many people exist to work, so others may benefit disproportionately, has got a fundamental flaw. Those who for what ever reason are? not able to grasp hold of the life that society offers, live their lives with little opportunity to realise their dreams.


Why should so many peoples time on this earth expire with so few dreams realised??


If more people reflected on how fortunate they were to achieve the success they have instead of congratulating themsleves on how wonderful they are. Then surely the world would be a far more tolerant, compassionate and less judgemental world for all.