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1. A Carousel Parade
2. pearlescence
3. Mercy ~ The Circle of Grace
4. Perfection
5. Countenance of a Bay
6. PeaceAbilities
7. Bricks of Love
8. Inspired!
9. Waves Never Stop~Wind Never Ends
10. scarlett and thorns
11. Oh, Sweet Love
12. Falling Black~Reflecting Red
13. Visit at The Hawthorn House
14. Menagerie of Thoughts (Poem Challenge III)
15. Dreams that Sing
16. As the Wind Blows
17. No Voice But My Own
18. Amongst the Berries and Trolls
19. Beautiful Soul
20. A Thousand Messages

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Poetry by
Kathy Lockhart

eclectic poetry following the whims of my muse.

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