Lack Luster Vanity

Can I create a depth 

on a one dimensional plane?

Would you be capapble to 

grasp what i try to portray?

My efforts, though it 

terrifies me, burn 

in darkness, burn in vain, 

a depravity too tragic

to behold, however new

ever so bold. 

Indescribable beauty

however dark and cold

reaches deeper into 

realms of an 

untouched soul.

Your lack-luster, 

vanity uncapable 

of understanding

prevents whatever

thought out efforts

made for attaining

just a glimpse

of eternal sanity

As endless as an image

in a mirror, 

the depths in which I 


Poetry by montana
Read 511 times
Written on 2016-05-31 at 08:47

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yeah, well life sucks

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
It is very hard to create depth in one dimension. You do. You do by your words. That's the art of it. As an artist uses paints, textures, light, etc. to create depth and dimension on a palette, a poet must use words, phrasing, metaphor, sounds, movement as such to create moods and images to help the reader to travel to or see places and feel deeply felt emotions. You do it with each poem you write. Better and better as you all practice and learn and read and learn more from ourselves and others. It is our craft. It is our love of it. Poetry is who you are. :) kathy


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