Really start fighting

So many feelings 

so many questions....


is really all legit?

is reality really real?

well is it!?


what about god?

the devil too?

did you know

demons can 

manipulate you?


what about 

energy and how its


You would be 

surprised to 

know the truth... 


Im angry, I'm mad

Someone let me 

down, made me sad. 

A promise of 

watching I no longer 

know is accuate...

feels kind of 


if I truly define



No true ending, 



an entire race

depending on a 

few and little ole'


I didn't sign up 

for this. 

A library was 

my home. 

Now its 

a war zone. 


The tide is 


shaping a new way

of living.

will they wake up?

will they acknowledge

the depravity

the human race

has caused?

So much our creator

no longer answers

our calls...


Too many making deals

too many out for steals

personal gain only 

gets you somewhere

while your still here. 

Why does everyone

chose to be blind?

There is so 

much out there...

but you think 

i'm lieing. 


i promise...I'm not. 


The evil is 

filling the 

corners of 

the minds of the 


while those around

just watch...

do you not find it disgusting?


Children of higher power 


with lesser power to the

point of no return. 

Perhaps we do 

deserve to burn. 

It's not my call

good thing it's not. 

I'd light the match

burn the whole damn lot. 





still to be 


will they wake up?

will they admit 

it when finally i've 

given every cell 

of my skin?

I am bound to 

my charge. I 

do not take it


People need 

to wake up, and

really start fighting. 

Poetry by montana
Read 560 times
Written on 2016-11-27 at 04:04

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