April 29, 2021.

is your spirit still heavy

we used to laugh and say
she was her father made all over
with big blue owl eyes and thick hair
only difference was a crooked smile and a cleft chin

but sissy, she's grown into your face
since you went away
every little beauty mark in the same place
and sometimes it hurts to look right at her

and though you never let yourself
feel beautiful for very long
i know that you were and seeing her in front of me
makes me know she would have changed your mind

but you did not stay long enough to see these changes
and i know that's not your fault
but some days, like today, it really eats me up
she has to be growing tired of me staring at her with all this love

the burden she has to carry,
to carry my love for you too
i just see your presence entangled with her
and she lights up the entire room

Poetry by aidan haskel
Read 279 times
Written on 2021-04-29 at 07:30

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Hans Bump
Tender expression of mixed emotions. I appreciated it.

Your poems of late have been very effective, very powerful. This one is no exception!


by aidan haskel