Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood part 3

They had a long weekend full of pleasant emotions. They were looking forward to Friday night and going to Los Angeles to present the press conference of her first book.
On Monday morning, they got up early, packed their bags, and got dressed. Melanie invited them to breakfast. She had warmed some sausages and barbecue meat, and they were drinking tea. Melanie had put barbecue meat in boxes to take home and washed Annabelle's trays and boxes. They thanked once again for the beautiful weekend and the gifts. They left at 9 o'clock and returned to the house by the ocean.
When they got home, Annabelle let the washing machine wash the clothes from the party. She put the food in the fridge and went upstairs to shower and rest until noon or time to leave for the art class. Since it was raining today, they couldn't go down to the beach. Michelle asked Annabelle if she could snuggle with her; she didn't want to be alone. Annabelle moved inward to make room for her and asked her if she was okay; what's bothering you today? Do you look sad to me? Michelle told her that she had never been separated from her parents for so long and had gone to another country. Annabelle pulled her close to comfort her and said she was here and that Michelle is not alone. They played a movie on Netflix and whispered. At lunch, Annabelle made a salad and took some meat out of the barbecue from yesterday. They ate on the terrace, and it was still raining outside but not very heavy. After lunch, they cleared the table and washed the dishes. Annabelle took the laundry out of the dryer, and they folded it and put it in their closets. At 1330 they left for the art course. There was traffic due to the rain, but they still arrived in time for the lesson. Today they were going to paint a portrait of two models, a man and a woman working at the art school. Annabelle did surprisingly well for a beginner. Michelle loved to paint portraits. The teachers congratulated them on their excellent work at the end of the lesson. They thanked them and wished them good evening, and headed for the exit. It had stopped raining outside, and they decided to go to the park near the dance school. They were walking and talking when a young couple with two small children, a boy about two years old and a girl still a baby in a pram, walked towards them. They stopped beside them and greeted them. Hello dear ladies, we noticed you the other day when you passed our house and recognized us. Nice to meet you, obviously you are our fans since the young lady here is taking pictures of us with her phone? Michelle blushed and apologized for allowing her to take them and told them she would delete the photos if they asked her to. The young couple, as you can already guess, were Prince Harry and Meghan. Oh, no need. I'm glad you're our fans. I understand from your accent that you are not American; where are you from? "We're from Australia," Annabelle said, "and we're here on summer vacation." I am a writer, and I am writing a book about life in America. And in my free time, I take modern dance and art lessons with my roommate and friend Michelle, from my hometown of Perth. I hope we didn't bother you the other day with her taking pictures of you? Oh no, no problem, I remembered your jeep number and checked it and the car rental agency told me who you are and where you live at the moment. From there, I noticed your jeep in the parking lot where we parked and decided that you would be nearby. Do you mind if we sit down and have a tea or coffee nearby, there is a lovely little restaurant where we like to go when we are outside? Annabelle shyly thanked them and accepted their invitation.

They entered the restaurant, which was half empty at the door, and were greeted by the waiter, who took them to the farthest end of the restaurant in a private VIP separate. He brought them the menu and walked away as they settled in and browsed the menu. They ordered milkshakes and an eclair cake. Little Archie didn't leave Baby Lilly's stroller, watching her sleep sweetly. The adults talked quietly about music and art; Annabelle invited them to go to the book presents this weekend as well. They accepted the invitation with pleasure and smiled. Annabelle said they bought Meghan's book The Bench. She said she would sign them up the next time they saw each other and hoped they liked her book. They talked about different topics and ate from the cake. Around 1830, Annabelle apologized to them for leaving and called the waiter for the bill, and paid it. It was a great pleasure to meet you in person, and I will be happy if we go out again for lunch or dinner one day. I plan to have a barbecue on the fourth of July, and I will be so glad to invite you. Only some friends with their twin children, of whom we became their godparents yesterday, will visit us. We don't have many friends here, as we've only been in America for a few days. Prince Harry accepted the invitation, and they said goodbye, but before they left, he handed over the money from the bill to Annabelle, we invited you here, and you didn't have to pay the bill. And these are our phone numbers call us if you need anything. They wished each other a good evening and parted. The two friends entered the dance school two minutes before the lesson began, quickly changed clothes, and went in to warm up. The lesson passed quickly today learned the steps of samba and Latin tango. When the lesson was over, they said good night to everyone and left. In the car, they talked lively about their meeting with the prince and his beautiful wife. When they returned, they ate quickly from the barbecue and went to play sports in the gym. After about two hours, they went to take a bath and get ready for bed. They were talking in Annabelle's room. And as they spoke, Michelle fell asleep next to Annabelle. Annabelle let her sleep with her so she wouldn't wake her. Annabelle wrapped her in the blanket and walked over to the other side of the bed. She immediately fell asleep and was so tired from dancing and training in the gym. Her sleep was restless; Annabelle spun around and, at one point, woke up to some noise. She got up and put on her robe, picked up the baseball bat, and quietly descended the stairs. Annabelle uses a flashlight on her phone to light the way down. When she went downstairs, she saw a cat, looked around the house to see where she had slipped in, and noticed that they had forgotten a small window in the kitchen that was slightly open. Annabelle took the kitten outside and closed the window. Then she to see if she had turned on the alarm and why it wasn't going off. She noticed that she had forgotten to sound the alarm and let her check the doors to see if she had locked them, and went up to bed. Michelle slept sweetly on the bed next to her. She fell asleep again and slept soundly until the following day.

They slept until late the next day. It was past 9 o'clock when they got up, and Michelle woke up with a smile on her face. Did you leave me to sleep with you, big sissy? Annabelle laughed at what Michelle had said and that she called her sister. Annabelle took the bed linen out of hers and Michele's room and let them wash. She put on new sheets and pillowcases and made the bed. Then they got dressed and went down for breakfast. She made pancakes and hot chocolate for both of them, and they sat down to eat on the porch. Today at least, it is not raining, and the sun has appeared on the horizon. Today Annabelle decided to clean the house and then go shopping for some things. When she cleaned the house, she went to take a shower and changed. Michelle helped her wipe off the dust and throw away the garbage. Annabelle put for wash the cleaning towels and bath towels. Then they went on the market. First, they went to buy vegetables and fruits, from there through they go to the fish market to get fish and seafood, then through the butcher's shop to get lamb, minced meat for stuffed peppers, ribs, steaks, and chicken. Then they went to buy formal dresses and suits for the interview this weekend. They also bought a dress for the party on the occasion of the fourth of July. When they ran out of the market, they went home to leave their purchases and put the meat and fish in the refrigerator and the seafood in the freezer. Then she put the laundry in the dryer, and then she put to wash their clothes where they were changing. They were coming out again when Annabelle's phone rang, and it was Melanie; she picked it up and said, hello Mel, how are you? Is everything alright? Hi Annabelle, thank you. I'm fine, and everything is ok; I just wanted to hear from you and thank you once again for your help and the wonderful food you prepared for my party. What are you going to do tonight? Do you have any plans? Why do you ask me? Marcus asked us to go out to dinner and asked me to invite you. Oh, that's very kind of you, we'll be happy to come. You catch us at the door, and we're just going out for lunch; I didn't feel like cooking after cleaning the house with Michelle. Have a nice lunch, if you want then go through us and then we will go out to dinner together. Thanks until then, have a good day for now. And they closed the line. Annabelle relayed the conversation to Michelle, and she was glad to see their godchildren. They went to the same restaurant the day before. The same waiter greeted them and greeted them and asked for a table for two, or are you expecting company ladies? Oh, no notable for two this time, thanks. Is the VIP separate free from last night? Yes, miss, welcome to your table. He brought them the menu and shrugged to give them time to choose and order. Annabelle signaled that they were ready to order. Can we have two homemade chicken soups, two shepherd's salads for now, and if you can bring us homemade lemonade, please? He took the order and went to the kitchen. After a while, he brought them their soups and salad and a jug of homemade lemonade. He wished them a good appetite and retired again. They ate slowly and enjoyed the delicious food. When they were done with the soups and salads, they ordered grilled ribs and fries, and for dessert, they ordered fresh cherries and ice cream. When they had eaten, Annabelle paid the bill, and they left. They decided to take a short walk in the park and go to the mall to get something for the twins. They made six rounds of the park and then headed for the mall. At the mall, they headed to the toy store and took a look. For little Emilie, they took a set of Barbie and Kent dolls, and for her twin brother, they buy two strollers; they also buy educational cubes with letters and numbers and puzzles for the two of them; sleeping beauty for her and the cat with boots for him, and two books from the children's stand. from the bookstore. When they finished shopping, they returned to the car and headed for Melanie's house. They were waiting for them at the door when they arrived, and the twins jumped for joy to see them. They took the presents out of the car and went inside. Annabelle smiled and said to them, let's see what we have here? She handed each child a bag of presents, and they began to take out everything inside. Mommy mom, look what Annabelle brought us. Okay, kids, let's put the toys away, and I'll read you from the books. Melanie went to make coffee for them and hot chocolate for the children and made homemade lemonade. She served the drinks and sat down next to her husband on the couch. They sipped their drinks and talked when there was a knock on the door. Marcus went to see who was outside, an elderly lady from the house next door standing at the door, she was made a fruit pie and bringing it for them to eat. Marcus invited her in and had coffee with them. The older woman thanked him and entered the house with him. Melanie made coffee for the old lady and cut the fruit pie, which smelled divinely of cinnamon and freshly roasted fruit. They talked and ate the fruit pie. Annabelle asked the woman for the recipe, and the old lady wrote it down for her and then apologized that she had to leave as she expected her son to return from work. She wished them good evening and left. Melanie sent her to the door and thanks her for the fruit pie she gives them.

Marcus had reserved a table for four at his friend's restaurant for eight in the evening. They took the twins to Melanie's parents at seven and wished them good night. Annabelle followed his car all the way to Mel's parents' house and then to the restaurant. They entered the restaurant after they had parked. The owner himself greeted them and showed them their table. The restaurant had an orchestra and two male and female singers. They ordered the restaurant's specialties and a bottle of aged French wine. For starters, they brought mini burgers and a cocktail of shrimp, salad, and a plate with sliced ​​appetizers and cheese, and for Michele, an orange juice. The food was very well prepared and delicious. They enjoyed the music while eating and talking. They had ordered a mixed grill with potatoes and grilled vegetables for the main part of the dinner. After they finished, they brought them pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream, coffee for the elderly, and herbals tea for Michelle. They got up to dance after eating and stayed up late. The atmosphere was enjoyable, and the music level was good. At ten o'clock in the evening, there was a raffle quiz at the end. Michelle won first place and received a prize dinner for two, a VIP card for the restaurant, and a thousand dollars cash prize. She thanked everyone for the wonderful evening, and at midnight they left. In the parking lot, they said good night and got in their cars. They went home and went to bed immediately because it was too late. Annabelle locked the doors and sounded the alarm. She makes her alarm to wake her on her phone at 9 am and went to bed, but before that, she checked to see if Michelle had covered herself in the blanket and said good night to her. Then she goes to bed and falls asleep.

The days leading up to Friday night passed very quickly. They took art and dance lessons, Annabelle worked on her book and wrote a speech about the conference. On Friday morning, they packed their bags, then had toast and tea for breakfast. At 10 o'clock, they called Meghan to check if their appointment for the weekend remained? She told them there were no changes and that they would see each other the next day in Los Angeles. They talked a little longer and then hung up. Annabelle put the luggage in the car and locked it. Then they took a bath and prepared lunch, made spaghetti bolognese and salad. They had lunch on the porch and made several phone calls with friends in Australia. At about 1330, they left for the art lesson. When they finished, they went to the dance hall and asked the teachers if they could take them from 1620 to 1820, so they had to travel to Los Angeles afterward for a conference. They agreed, and the lesson went very well. They learned a few new steps from salsa and chachacha. When the lesson was over, they thanked each other and went to the locker room to take a shower and change. At 7 pm, they set off for Los Angeles. They drove slowly and stopped at a turn where there was a bistro and ordered pizza and fries. They ate quickly, paid the bill, and set off again. When they arrived, it was 9 pm, and they checked into the hotel. The bellboy took their luggage and took them to the presidential suite. Annabelle parked the car in the hotel's underground car park, and then they went up to the hotel bar to freshen up with a lemonade and a slice of watermelon. When they had finished, they returned to their room, where a fruit bowl with fresh fruit and a teapot was waiting for them. They unpacked and went to bed.
The next day they had breakfast in their room, sausages, bacon, and croissants. After breakfast, they prepared for the conference in the mall. Meghan and Prince Harry were waiting for them in the hotel lobby. They greeted them and headed for the mall in the prince's car. As promised, Meghan gave them an autograph and inscribed their books with a personal message from her and Prince Harry, who also signed the books. Annabelle had warned the mall to increase security by inviting the prince and Meghan. The weekend was full of emotions and commitments. They were invited to an exhibition of children with various health problems, drawing beautiful drawings on various topics. They also visited the children's hospital, where they attended the opening of the new oncology ward. Annabelle was asked to cut the ribbon and give a speech at the opening. She accepted the invitation and cut the ribbon, and gave a very moving speech. Everyone was in tears at the kind words and wished she made for them. On Sunday night, they were invited to a charity gala evening at the city mayor's home. After dinner, they returned to the hotel and fell asleep as soon as they went to bed. The next morning, after breakfast, they left for home. Fortunately, the lessons were canceled this week, as it was a holiday for the students. They went home and unloaded their luggage, and decided to go to bed to rest from the tiring weekend and the road. When they woke up, it was 2 pm, and they ordered pizza for lunch from a nearby restaurant. When the pizza was brought to them, they had lunch on the beach. In the afternoon, Annabelle worked on her book, and Michelle painted. The holiday week was spent in a lot of fun and games on the beach.

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Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood