Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood part 7

The days leading up to Friday passed quickly. Michelle likes it very much in the new school. The physical education teacher offered to include her in the cheerleading and swimming team. She will also continue to go to modern dances and painting. He also enrolled in the poetry and short story class. Annabelle is very proud that Michelle is first in the class and that the teachers are happy with her, always on time for classes and with her homework. On Friday morning, she packed their luggage for a break in the car, prepared lunch for the two of them, and they left for school and then for her work. Melanie, as always, will meet Michelle from school, and they will go straight to the lake, and Annabelle and Cynthia will go after work.

Annabelle's day was busy, and she had several interviews, then a meeting on board and lunch with Mike, a colleague from the newspaper who wanted to talk to her about one of the topics for the new issue of the magazine. The board meeting went well, as did the interviews. At one o'clock, she went to lunch with Mike at the restaurant down the street. They ordered homemade chicken soup for a starter, and for the main lasagna and dessert salad, they took a fruit salad with vanilla ice cream. They talked about work, and Mike wanted her opinion on his article on the birth rate in America. They also spoke about the Christmas competition for the best Christmas decorations. At three, they returned to the office, Cynthia waiting for them in the lobby. How was lunch? I hope the workshop went well? Yes, we exchanged a few ideas, and the lunch was great as always; I fell in love with this restaurant, and I plan to take Michelle one day. Oh, that would be great. She would like it. Mike, Annabelle, and I are leaving early today to travel out of town for the weekend. And I forgot to take food for the animals. Will you lock the newsroom tonight? Yes, of course, and I wish you a lovely weekend, and see you on Monday. Thank you for the delicious lunch Mike and the good company. For nothing, Annabelle, it was a pleasure talking to you. I want to be able to read the manuscript before you publish it when you finish the book. Okay, I'll be happy to hear from you. Annabelle went to her office and started to sort things out. She arranged her desk for Monday, put the flowers in, put everything she needed in her bag, and picked up the laptop in the other bag. Then he went out and locked his office and went to Cynthia's office. I'm ready; when you say you're ready, we'll leave. I'll go to the car to leave my things and come back to help you. All right, give me ten more minutes, and we're leaving, darling. Annabelle went to her car, left her luggage, and returned to help Cynthia. Honey, please can you take my bag with my laptop and I'll take the rest. Oh, I would forget to water the flowers, will you wait for me for a minute? Yes, of course, do your job. They left at 4 pm and went through the pet store to buy dog ​​and cat food. From there, they went through the supermarket to get fruit, watermelon, melon, beer, wine and brandy, coffee and milk, eggs, flour, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, lettuce, radishes and green onions, dill, parsley, and olives. For children, juices, chocolates, biscuits, and waffles. They also took a few bottles of water. After shopping, they went through Cynthia's house, fed the animals, gave them water and food for three days, and left. Annabelle decided to go through them and take some things that Michelle asked her to take for her. He checked all the doors and windows closed and locked them everywhere and set off the alarm. They left for the lake at six o'clock, drove slowly, and decided to travel with the two cars. On the way, they stopped refueling, and shortly after eight, and they overtook the lake. The others were already there, waiting for dinner. They unloaded the cars and brought everything inside. Annabelle introduced Cynthia to the others in the company, and everyone welcomed her. Since the weather was warm, they believed in the garden, and the men had made a barbecue. They ate and talked. After dinner, they went for a walk on the lake. They watched the sunset and talked. At about ten, they came home and watched Christmas forever. After the movie was over, they went to bed.

On Saturday morning, they got up at nine and had breakfast. The weather was fine, and they had breakfast on the porch. Cynthia had gotten up early and was working on her laptop. She had mixed a pancake mixture and made coffee and tea. Melanie made bacon, sausages, and scrambled eggs. After breakfast, Marcus chopped firewood, and Harry helped him carry it inside. They set the fireplaces ready for when they returned to light them.
Meanwhile, Annabelle and Meghan washed the dishes. They decided to go for a walk in the woods and gather herbs and mushrooms, if any. They were leaving when Bobby's car stopped in the driveway. He had taken Lizzie and the twins from the maternity ward and decided to come. Last time they had prepared one room for the babies. Lizzie and Meghan stayed in the house with the three babies. Meghan helped her unload the luggage and put the babies to sleep. The men decided to go hunting for a game. Annabelle, Cynthia, Melanie, Michelle, and the three children went walking in the woods.
Kids, how about picking wildflowers and making wreaths when we get home? Melanie asked.
Yes, twins cheated twins replied.
You and Archie decided to make a bouquet for mom?
To cheat loves flowers, said Archie with a smile on his face.
They gathered a lot of wildflowers and herbs, and there were no mushrooms. Apparently, a mushroom had passed by and plucked them. The children collected autumn leaves and cones. Michelle promised to take pictures of them, and the kids were very excited. After nearly two hours in the woods, they decided to return. They had just reached the house and passed by, and the men were returning from hunting with a good catch. They had killed three rabbits, four pheasants, six wild ducks, and one deer. The children were amazed by the catch. They returned, and the men began to skin the game and cut the deer.
The women washed the meat and marinated it. The rabbit made it on a stew with prunes and mushrooms in a clay pot with a lid. The pheasants marinated them and put them to roast. The deer were placed in plastic bags made in portions and stored in the freezer for the winter. For lunch, they made a shredder with rice and dock, and spinach. First, they boiled the offal, cut them into small pieces and seasoned them with spices, fried onions, spinach, dock, and rice, added chopped offal, mixed well, put the mixture in a large pan and added the strained broth and put it to bake in the oven. Before it was completely done, she made a filling and put it in the oven for a few more minutes until it caught a crust. It was served with lettuce and milk-garlic sauce, and dill and gum. They made soup and an omelet for the children. Michelle and the children set out to take pictures of autumn leaves and cones when they had lunch. They also made wreaths of wildflowers, arranged the other flowers in bouquets, and placed them in vases. Michelle then played the piano, the men played cards in the library, the women listened to Michelle's concert, the children played around them, and the babies slept.
About six women helped Lizzie and Meghan bathe the babies, then fed them and put them to bed. At half-past seven, they ate rabbit stew and tomato salad. After dinner, they played tennis and badminton in the yard, and the children watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. When they put the children to bed at nine, they watched TV until late. Annabelle and Cynthia worked on their laptops; Michelle did her homework and studied biology and history. She went to bed at eleven but let the night light come on. To one and the other, they went to bed. The house was quiet. Only flames and the crackling of wood in the fireplaces could be heard.

They slept until about eight on Sunday morning, got up, and got ready for breakfast. Then they went downstairs to prepare breakfast, had breakfast on the porch because the weather was sunny. After breakfast, they washed the dishes and decided to play some sports in the yard. The men played tennis and badminton all morning. And the women went for a walk to the village. For across they passed through the forest from where they passed a road to the village more directly than the main road. They walked and stopped for a cup of tea at Jenny's in the village. The children ran past them in the garden of the cafe. At noon they returned to the house for lunch. They ate roasted pheasants with stewed vegetables and a salad of cabbage and carrots. After lunch, they washed the dishes and began packing. They decided to leave at four in the afternoon and watch TV and play monopoly or dominoes until then. At four o'clock, they loaded their cars and headed for the city. Annabelle and Michelle were traveling in Annabelle's car. Cynthia in her vehicle, Melanie, Marcus, and the children in their car, Bobby, Lizzie, and the twins in their car, and Harry, Meghan, Archie, and baby Lily in Meghan's car. They returned at six and put their luggage in the house. Annabelle took the dog for a walk and fed him. Then he made an omelet and a salad for dinner. They had dinner on the porch and, after dinner, went down to the beach to swim and walk. At nine o'clock they went home and took a bath. Annabelle ironed Michelle's uniform and prepared clothes for herself to wear in the morning. Then he called his mother, and they talked a little on the phone, then Annabelle went to bed. But before that, she went to see if Michelle as well, as the evenings by the ocean were getting cold. She couldn't sleep for a long time, so she decided to work on her laptop with an article on Christmas traditions. She described how her family celebrates Christmas. What decorations they make for their home and what food they prepare for the holiday dinner. How her mother baked Christmas cookies and puddings. How they made some of their Christmas decorations at home. Annabelle has loved Christmas since she was a child and her love for this holiday throughout the year remains to this day. At one point, she finally fell asleep, but she set her alarm for the morning before that.

On Monday morning, they almost made it to work and school. Good thing she had made their sandwiches and their lunch that evening. He quickly made a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly and had breakfast on the go. Annabelle called the school to warn them that they might be a little late but that she hoped they would be on time. He then called Cynthia to warn her that he was on his way to school and from there to the office. Don't hurry, darling, will you take a coffee from the pastry shop to our newspaper and donuts with cream? Yes, of course, I brought a picnic food basket for lunch, and if it doesn't rain, we'll have a picnic in the park. Oh, you will spoil me, very young lady. By the way, last night I received excellent reviews for your article about the twins personally from the newspaper owner. Oh really, or are you kidding me? I'm a very serious darling, he liked you very much, he even mentioned promotion and a long-term contract, and you can either stay in the States or work from Australia. Oh, I was excited. This is great news; Michelle will love it. Cynthia, I will have to close when we get to school, and Mrs. Smith wants to talk to me for a minute. Until a little later, stay as long as necessary for the conversation with the director. Good morning, Madam Director, it's good that we managed to arrive on time, last night I worked a little late and almost fell asleep. Good thing. Just in time, the first bell wasn't there yet. I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of Michelle, all the teachers praise her a lot, and they say she is first in the class and in the whole school. As the owner and director of the school, I want to reward her with a full scholarship until the end of her full education. She is now in sixth grade, and we are offering her a completely free and full scholarship until she finishes twelfth grade and a place in college. Her parents will be delighted and will be the proudest parents and me as her guardian while she is in the States. I want to talk about another question, do you have time, Miss Annabelle? Yes, I will be able to take a few more minutes. Great, let's go into my office. After you, Mrs. Smith, Annabelle said with a smile. Until tonight, Michelle, have a nice day, sunshine. Annabelle to you too. Michelle went to the chemistry room and sat down. In Mrs. Smith's office, Annabelle received an offer to work as literature and poetry teacher. This is a wonderful offer, but as you know, I started working for a local publishing house. I know the newspaper and the publisher belong to my brother, Paul Smith. You will be able to keep both jobs at excellent pay. What are you going to do on Sunday night? Paul and I want to invite you to a barbecue at home, your colleague Cynthia will be there too. Every weekend we go out of town, to some friends' house, we gather there with them and two other families. I understand, and I will be happy if you can come, there will be children and Michelle will not be bored. Thanks, I accept the invitation, what time should we be at the party and what is the dress code? No dress code is comfortable and informal. Until Sunday night, but we'll see each other all week. Good afternoon, Mrs. Smith, and thank you for the invitation and the job offer. The pleasure is entirely our light and fruitful work, I wish you. They said goodbye, and Annabelle went to her car and walked to the office. When she arrived, Cynthia and Paul Smith were waiting for her in Paul's office. Hi, I'm sorry I'm late today, but the school's principal where Michelle studies keep me for a short conversation. Come in, by the way, and I asked her to keep you; Paul smiled. Come in and give the coffee that not only did you have a hard night; Paul laughs and winks playfully at both. Good morning dear; come sit with us, but please close the door and put the plate to interrupt us. Annabelle did as they said and sat down in the chair opposite Paul and next to Cynthia. Annabelle, I admire your talent and the article you dedicated to your friends and their baby twins, Paul said. Thank you very much, Mr. Smith. The three of them sipped their coffees and smiled at each other. Paul and Cynthia took a donut and looked at Annabelle. There's one for you, please. Thanks a little; I have many emotions at the moment, and I donít feel like eating. Well, they are all good emotions, darling, they both said with a smile. And now we can begin the meeting at which I gathered you. Next week, you will start at my sister's cottage, and you will be the editor-in-chief of the new magazine I am releasing next week with your own column in it. I ordered the office furniture opposite mine and Cynthia's. I make both of you contributors I will be the editor-in-chief of the old magazine, Cynthia the newspaper and you of the new magazine for, poetry, various rubrics such as various traditions around the world, short stories of readers The American version of Taking a Break. There will be puzzles with prizes and competitions on various topics. Oh, that's a great idea; the proposal moves me. You will both have new large offices, and very soon we will have a new company building. With large offices for all associates, in a nutshell for the three of us. And our echoes will have nice offices. I bought the new building down the street, and I'm going to rent it out. I plan to buy both Channel Five and the Good Morning America show. You left me speechless. That's a lot of trusts. Ladies, you own it with the good work. But I'm just starting to work for you, sir. Only Paul, please, we are equal now. Congratulations to both of you. Thanks, Paul, they both said in unison. What I heard today for lunch would be a picnic, if I felt invited too. Of course, Annabelle said, a little embarrassed. And now to the Christmas race, I understand you're participating, Annabelle? Yes, I love Christmas. Annabelle said with a shy smile. Cynthia, will you participate? Of course, everyone in the department will get involved. Great success to both of you. Tomorrow I will gather everyone to announce the new rules and introduce you to your subordinates. And now, any ideas for a magazine name? American Take a break or Hello America, it's time to take a break. Annabelle pulled out her laptop and showed them her article on Christmas traditions. Excellent start, dear.
Thank you very much. You both made me feel so special today.

You are a beautiful young lady, Annabelle, and never forget him. You are hired to look after a child entirely unknown for you, first for three months and now for a whole year, and as it turns out, maybe more. The fact that you and your parents have such great trust means a lot.
At twelve, they set off for the park for their picnic. The weather outside was warm for the season, and they were enjoying the last sunny days. Annabelle took the picnic basket and blanket out of her car, and they went to the far end of the park. They spread the blanket and sat down, Annabelle took the food out of the basket, and they began to eat. Cynthia played music on her phone, and they whispered as they ate and listened to music.
Annabelle, I must say that in addition to being a good writer and journalist, you are also a good cook; said, Paul. He drinks for us and for our collaboration.
They ate and picked up everything in the basket and headed back to the office. There was a basket of scarlet roses at the reception and a card next to them. The woman at the front desk smiled at Annabelle and said they were for her. Annabelle opened the card and read it, signed by Harry, who invited them to his birthday party tonight. Cynthia looked at her curiously and said, a secret admirer?
Harry doesn't invite us to his birthday party tonight and says you're invited too.
Oh no, I don't have the right clothes for a party of this nature.
Don't worry, we'll get you something suitable, and I have to get something like that.
I then went to the shopping therapy stores.
They both laughed at their joke. They took their bags and jackets and went to the parking lot, each getting into his Colt and agreed to drive to the mall in the city in the parking lot there. Annabelle called Melanie and asked her to take Michelle to see her at the mall. They had to buy a present for Harry and Meghan and for the children. They reached all three almost at the same time, parked, and entered the mall. Annabelle told Melanie and Michelle about the offers to work at the school and to become a contributor to the newspaper and the two magazines. They were very happy for her and greeted her. He also talked about Michelle's scholarship until she graduated from high school and college after that, and even the university if she decided to continue her studies after that. Michelle was very excited by the news. They entered Zarra and began to examine the clothes, trying on and setting aside those they would take. Annabelle bought three Michelle dresses and a winter suit, a jacket with trousers and a blouse, a winter skirt, several half-sleeves, and for herself she took a skirt and trouser suit, a coat and a blouse and a vest, three dresses and several winter T-shirts. They chose a lovely dress for Cynthia for the evening and a few more dresses and suits. Melanie picked up a few dresses and a suit for the evening. They bought a shirt and tie for Harry, a dress and scarf for Meghan, a dress for Lily and a suit for Archie for the children. Then they went to the shoe and anti-shop and took a luxury bag and shoes. Then they walked to the parking lot and said goodbye, and left. It was agreed that Annabelle would pass by and take Cynthia at eight for the party.

They went home and went in to take a bath. Then they called their parents to tell them the good news. They were very proud of them and were happy for them to succeed so quickly abroad. They talked a little more and then said goodbye. Annabelle did Mechelle's hair and helped her put on her dress, put on very light make-up, and then went to get dressed and did her hair. She put her hair in a tight bun, put on make-up, and put on the new dress she had taken from the mall and her shoes and bag. Put on a necklace with rubies and diamonds, a bracelet, earrings, a ring with the same stones, and a heart-shaped brooch. After switching, she went to put on Michelle's jewelry set. He packed the presents and loaded them into the car. Then he went to the supermarket and bought a bouquet, a box of luxury candies and a bottle of champagne, and a bar of chocolate for Archie. He paid at the cash register and returned home. Michelle was watching TV while waiting for her. They left at 1945 o'clock. Annabelle stopped in front of Cynthia's house and rang the bell. Cynthia opened the door wearing a beautiful red dress and black jacket, red shoes, bag, light make-up, and hair, and was caught in a ponytail and wearing a set of ruby ​​jewelry. Annabelle looked her up and down and said she looked beautiful. But let me make you a bun, you will look even better. They came in, and Annabelle set about straightening Cynthia's hair. Annabelle made a very stylish Greek bun. At eight o'clock, they left for Harry and Meghan's house. At nine, they arrived, and at that time, Melanie arrived at the hosts' house. They took the presents and went to the front door. Melanie rang the bell, and the butler opened the door. Good evening, Their Highness awaits you in the living room. Follow me, please, and they followed him. Your Highness, your guests, have overtaken. Welcome and feel at home. They came in and settled by the fireplace and gave presents to the hosts. The party will start soon, and we are waiting for a few more visitors said, Harry. The butler came in and brought a tray of drinks, and served them to the guests. Half an hour later, the other guests arrived, and the party began. Lizzie and Bobby were at the party with the twins, the children had dined, and now they were put to sleep. The party was very nice, with a ten-course menu. There were a lot of guests and celebrities. Harry introduced them to the other guests, and everyone greeted them warmly. There was an orchestra and a DJ, as well as ballet dancers. The party lasted all night, and everyone had a lot of fun. Michelle went to bed in the guest room around midnight. She plays the piano for the guests and then recites several poems. Everyone was amazed by her talent. She gave a portrait of the whole family to Harry, Meghan, Archie, and Lily. She had taken pictures of them and painted the image from the photo. At dawn, the guests began to leave, leaving only the three families, Annabelle and Cynthia. They went to bed before breakfast. They got up at nine for breakfast and then said goodbye, and everyone left. Today Michelle was going to a concert at Annabelle School, and she had prepared clothes for dressing and sleeping. They all changed before going to school and then to the office. Today, Cynthia would use Annabelle's car if she had to walk out of the office.

The day passed quickly as they had a lot of work to do in the office. They left at five, went to pick up Michelle from Melanie's house. Then the three of them went to dinner at a restaurant with Cynthia. After dinner, they passed and left Cynthia with them and went home. They were watching TV, and Annabelle turned on the washing machine to do the laundry. They went to bed early because they were tired.
The days to the end of the week passed quickly; Annabelle was overwhelmed with work, and so was Cynthia. On Friday, they left at three o'clock to pick up Michelle and went home to pick up their luggage for the weekend. They were traveling in Annabelle's car; this time, they decided to take the dogs. Cynthia left water and food for the two cats for a few days. After loading the car, they went shopping, and from there they went to the lake. Melanie, Lizzie, and Meghan were also on their way to the lake. The evening was warm for the season, and there weren't many cars on the highway. They reached six and unloaded the car. The other three cars were in the parking lot and were also unloading, and the children were running past them. They put their luggage in the house. They settled into their rooms, Lizzie breastfed the twins and put them to sleep, baby Lily was asleep in the car. Melanie had prepared before they left, and they were going to eat lasagna and salad for dinner. Lizzie had made a blueberry pie. Meghan had brought the ribs and sausages that Harry had baked on the barbecue earlier today. Annabelle and Cynthia had taken pizzas. There was food for the whole regiment, and they decided to leave the lasagna for lunch the next day, ate pizza and some of the barbecue. After dinner, they washed the dishes and watched a movie, and talked. They went to bed late, and it was raining outside.
They got up at nine the following day, had breakfast, and decided to stay home because it was still raining. Michelle sat down and wrote her homework and studied until noon. At lunch, they ate in the dining room and talked to each other. The rain had stopped, and they decided to walk to the village. They shopped from the farm and returned at five. They made omelets for dinner, and a country salad, dined in the garden and listened to music. The evening was warm, though it was raining. After dinner, the men played billiards, and the women watched television. At about ten, they went to bed, Annabelle working on her book late into the night.
On Sunday morning, they slept late, had breakfast, and then went fishing. The women and children went for a walk in the woods, picking mushrooms and wildflowers. At noon they returned, and the men cleaned the fish and grilled it. Melanie boiled potatoes and made a salad. They had lunch in the garden, the children slept in the afternoon, and they left for the city at five. The dogs were exhausted and had been running around the yard all day. When they returned, it was past seven, and they were ordering Chinese for dinner. After dinner, Annabelle took Cynthia to them and went home. When Michelle came home, she had bathed and gone to bed. Annabelle prepared their clothes for the morning, made sandwiches and went to take a bath, and then went to bed.

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Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood