Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood part 13

April passed, and May came; they were busy, and Michelle had tests at school. They took dance and drawing lessons, Annabelle began writing a new book, and Cynthia decided to publish a cookbook. Magazines and newspapers were loaded with new rubles. Annabelle also started a radio show on poetry and culture and had a quiz game on various topics every day from nine in the evening until midnight.
The weather was good, and they went for walks every night until about nine and then played the radio game. On weekends, they gathered in the house by the lake, where they relaxed.
May passed quickly, and they began to prepare for the summer. They planned to travel all summer by RV from June 1 to the end of September. Michelle would finish school online, and Annabelle and Cynthia would work online. Paul decided to travel with them, and they would take both Cynthia's dogs and the cat. They loaded the refrigerators and the freezer of the RV with food and provisions. They took summer and autumn clothes, set up a large and a small tent, sunbeds and tourist folding chairs and tables, loaded gas cylinders, surfboards, and two canoes. Epics for tourism and hiking, swimwear, two beach umbrellas, blankets, and baskets for picnics and barbecues. They also took Annabelle's jeep, loaded with a mini-fridge and freezer, a cooler bag full of soft drinks, and beer. Online radio equipment, cameras, laptops, and other equipment. They hitched the RV to the jeep and left early in the morning of June 1 for Chicago. They would take turns driving and stop to rest often. First was Annabelle behind the wheel, and they joined the US-101 S for 3 minutes (1.4 miles); then headed south along San Ysidro Rd to Hosmer Ln 1.0 miles. Then they turned left on the S Jameson Ln 0.4 miles and took the road to the US-101 S 210 feet. Continue on US-101 S. Continue on I-15 N, I-70 E, I-76 E, I-80 E, and I-88 E to W Ida B. Wells Dr in Chicago
30 h (2099 miles). They entered the US-101 S 26.1 miles and kept to the left at the fork to stay on the US-101 S 52.8 miles. Cynthia had made breakfast the night before, and when they stopped to rest at nine, they warmed her and had breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee of their choice and drank orange juice. They watched the morning news and then set off again. Paul sat behind the wheel; he used the two left lanes to exit 13B for State Rte 134 0.3 miles. Keep left and follow signs for California 134 E / Ventura Fwy / Pasadera
0.5 miles. Continue on CA-134 E / State Rte 134 E / Ventura Fwy
4.8 miles. From there, they continued straight on CA-134 E
8.8 miles. And they entered I-210 E 18.4 miles, then continued on CA-210 19.0 miles and took exit 64A to I-15 N 0.2 miles.
They kept to the left at the fork, followed the I-15 N / Barstow signs, and entered I-15 N 8.6 miles.
They used the three left lanes to turn slightly left to stay on I-15 N (Barstow signs) 54.3 miles.
During the trip, they listened to music, and Paul told jokes. At one o'clock in the afternoon, they stopped to rest and have lunch. There was chicken soup and baked fish with potato salad and ice cream. At lunch, they lay down to rest for two hours, and then they would continue. Annabelle took pictures and called her mother to be heard.
At about three in the afternoon, Cynthia got behind the wheel, and they set off again.
They kept to the left to stay on I-15 N 4.5 miles.
They kept to the left at the fork to stay on I-15 N and entered Nevada 154 miles away. They decided to stop and rest, drank tea, and made sandwiches. After eating, Cynthia began to prepare dinner for later. He decided to make a casserole with pork and sausages, he had some leftovers from the salad, and he would make some pancakes. They were watching the news, and Michelle had written her homework. She was online all day and tested in math, biology, and English. When she learned, she called her parents and then watched a movie. In the evening, they called Melanie and the others in the company and Paul's sister. She would be awarded to them when the school closed for the summer. They dined at eight and then watched a movie, and at nine, Annabelle turned on the radio to play her rubric and the game. They went to bed at midnight after the show ended. The following day, they got up at seven, dressed, and ate maple syrup pancakes for breakfast. Paul got behind the wheel, and they were on their way to eight.
They used the left lanes to stay at I-15 N 0.2 miles. They kept to the left to stay on I-15 N 3.5 miles. After
they kept to the left to stay on I-15 N and passed through Arizona; they entered Utah 239 miles. They stopped for lunch and died. There were leftovers from the casserole and the soup from the day before; they made a tomato salad and washed some fresh fruit for dessert. After resting for an hour, they set off again. Cynthia was behind the wheel and took exit 132 for the I-70 E to Richfield / Denver 0.7 miles. They continued on I-70 E and entered Colorado 345 miles. They stopped to rest for the night. They made sandwiches, and Paul offered to make a homemade pizza with four types of cheese, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon, salami and peppers, and chilies. When the pizzas were ready, they had dinner and watched a movie. Then they took a shower and watched TV. Every night at nine, Annabelle hosts her radio show, and they go to bed at midnight. They decided to stay for a day or two in Colorado.

After sleeping and having breakfast the next day, they decided to walk around the city and go shopping. They left the RV in the parking lot and went by jeep to the town. They went to the market and bought fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade eggs, and milk from a farmer. Then they went to Walmart to get five sleeping bags, dog and cat food, barbecue charcoal, water, six small, one medium, and one large clay pots and several different sized cooking trays, and three various forms of baking cake. Michelle bought several magazines and books to read and several party games. Then they went to the mall and took some formal clothes and summer dresses and pants, walkway shoes and outfits. Then they had lunch at one of the mall's restaurants. They ordered ribs and fries and salad, drank Pepsi, and had apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. After lunch, they returned to the caravan parking lot where they had left the RV. They unloaded the purchases and put them in the cupboards. For dinner, Annabelle made casserole dishes with sausage, cheese, cheese, eggs, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, tomato salsa, and spices and wanted to bake them in the oven before dinner.
Cynthia, meanwhile, let her wash the clothes from the day before and feed the animals. Paul worked a little on his laptop and made several phone calls. At seven o'clock, Annabelle went on to bake the pots and made a salad of avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, and roasted red peppers, a head of lettuce, and a few cloves of garlic. They poured themselves a glass of wine and sat down to talk until dinner was ready to eat. As evening fell, Michelle washed the dishes and made tea. They played monopolies and then watched movies. At nine, Annabelle hosted the radio show and went to bed after midnight. The next day they got up at eight o'clock for breakfast and went for a walk in the nearby park, took the dogs and the cat for a walk and to be able to relieve their needs. They came home for lunch and then watched TV. Paul turned on the barbecue at five and made burgers, sausages, and a hot dog for dinner. Annabelle set out to fry potatoes and make a salad of cabbage and carrots. After dinner, they called their relatives and a few friends. Cynthia works on her laptop, and Michelle paints the sunset. They went to bed at ten and fell asleep so tired.
The next day they got up early, ate breakfast, and Cynthia prepared stuffing for stuffed peppers and put them to cook; and for lunch, she made a potato salad and had leftovers from the barbecue. They went to ten Annabelle was behind the wheel; took exit 114 to West Glenwood 0.4 miles. At the roundabout, I took the third exit to the road connection I-70 E 0.3 miles. From there, they entered I-70 E 155 miles. At two, they stopped for lunch and died. When they had lunch and failed, they set off again. Paul sat down to drive and used the two left lanes to take exit 269B for I-76 E to Fort Morgan 0.7 miles. From there, they continued on I-76 E and entered Nebraska, drove about 187 miles, and then stopped for the night. They had dinner and Annabelle hosted the show, and the others watched a movie. They went to bed at midnight, having taken a shower beforehand.
After breakfast, the following day, they set off again, Cynthia driving and entering I-80 E and driving about 341 miles. Then, they stopped for lunch at a gas station where they had a burrito and tacos, homemade lemonade, and blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. At lunch, they set off again; Annabelle drove and continued straight to stay on I-80 E.
4.3 miles. They kept to the left to stay on I-80 E and entered Iowa for about 128 miles. They kept to the right at the fork to stay on I-80 E, followed by signs for I-35 N / Chicago / Minneapolis 4.5 miles. From there, they kept to the left to continue on I-35 N / I-80 E for 10.6 miles. They stopped in a parking lot for heavy trucks and caravans for the night. They ate spaghetti carbonara and then watched TV. Michelle wrote her homework and learned about it the next day. They went to bed at midnight after Annabelle had finished her show. They were tired and fell asleep a little after going to bed.
The next day they left at eight o'clock after breakfast. Paul drove and kept to the right to continue on I-80 E 151 miles. They kept to the left to stay on I-80 E and entered Illinois 20.7 miles away. From there, they took exit 4B to enter I-88 E / IL-92 E at Sterling / Rock Falls, and continued on I-88 E, stopped paying tolls, and changed; Cynthia sat down to drive, drove about 139 miles. They continued straight to stay on I-88 E, stopped paying tolls, and varied; Annabelle sat down to go for 1.4 miles. From there, they entered I-290 E 13.5 miles and continued on IL-110 E for 0.4 miles. Continued on W Ida B. Wells Dr. They drove to S Federal St
3 min (0.5 miles). They decided to stop for lunch at an oil station and took one, mixed doner kebab for everyone, and french fries. At lunch, they set off again on the road. Annabelle was still driving. They kept to the left to continue on W Ida B. Wells Dr 0.3 miles. Turn left onto S Dearborn St 489 feet. They turned left at the 1st intersection of W Van Buren St 128 feet. They turned right at the 1st intersection of S Federal St 443 feet and entered Chicago, Illinois, United States.

They parked in a caravan park where they would stay for a week. The dogs and the cat went out for a walk in the parking lot. Then they went to the store and got snacks and sandwiches. Then they went home and ate, and then Michelle sat down to study and did her homework. The weather was fine, and they sat outside watching TV. They stayed up late playing dominoes while Annabelle hosted the show. It was past midnight when they went to bed. During the night, it started to rain, and a storm came out. The cat got scared and started meowing. Cynthia got up to calm her down and took her to her bed. It was still raining in the morning when they woke up outside. They had breakfast and then went to work online. There was no time to go out today so that they would stay inside. Michelle learned about the day and wrote her homework, then went online to take geography, physics, chemistry, history, biology, math, and English language and literature. They would shape her success for the term and the year, and then she could enjoy the trip and the vacation. She excelled in all subjects and was proud of herself. At lunch, they had vegetable soup and sandwiches with bacon and sausages. It was still raining outside, and they decided to watch a movie. At three o'clock, the rain stopped, and they took the jeep and went for a walk around Chicago. They went to the fish market and took octopus, squid, crab, lobster shrimp, mussels and other seafood, tuna, shark fillet, horse mackerel, and bonito. They were going to have a seafood dinner. From there, they went to the farmers' market and took a new game; two rabbits, pheasants, 10 kg of wild boar meat, 10 kg of venison, several partridges and quails, and two wild ducks. Fresh geese, quails, turkey and chicken eggs, milk, garden spices, fruits, and vegetables. Then they found a bakery nearby and took some warm loaves of bread, croissants, Turkish delight rolls, and others with rosehip jam, homemade cookies, and donuts. Cynthia had taken a pumpkin and would make pumpkin pie and strudel. After shopping, they returned to the parking lot. They left their purchases and went to Costco and got a small freezer for the caravan. And they returned to the parking lot where they had parked the RV. They cut the meat and put it in portions in bags. They salted two fillets of wild boar and venison with sea salt to dry them with spices. They ground 2 kg of minced meat from the boar and venison meat and put the rest for cooking. They cut the rabbits and put them in bags in portions, they cut a part of the poultry into portions and put them in bags in the freezer, they put the other part to marinate, and they would cook. They washed the seafood and peeled the fish. Then they marinated the fish and put it in the fridge to cool and absorb the spices. They put the mussels, octopus, and squid to boil and put the rest of the seafood in the freezer. Today they would make a salad of mussels and octopus and squid soup, and some of them would be breaded and fried. Annabelle peeled a few potatoes to make french fries for dinner. Michelle was painting outside, and Paul was watching tennis on television. At six of Paul's sisters, Evelyn called to ask them where they were to buy a ticket for the sommelier, as she had decided to take her to leave early and planned to join them the next day if she could buy a ticket. They told her they would be in Chicago for the next six days and wait for her there if necessary and for longer if she could not find a flight. She looked at the flights to Chicago and saw that there was a flight at eleven tonight, took a ticket, and told Paul to meet her at the airport at eight in the morning. She will wait at the airport until they come to pick her up. He wished them good night and went to pack. Make sandwiches for the trip, put a few books and magazines. He quickly packed two suitcases with what he needed, took his medicine and his medical bag. He sat down to dinner, locked up everywhere, and called an airport taxi. When the taxi overtook her, she turned on the alarm and locked the front door, picked up her luggage and the Danish bag with the ticket and passport, and left. He loaded the two suitcases, the medical bag, and the rucksack, and got into the taxi. When she got to the airport, she called Paul to tell him she would check in and buy water and juice for the flight. Paul wished her good luck and that they would see each other in the morning. Evelyn paid the driver and wished him good night, and went to get a luggage cart. The driver waited for her to return with the cart and helped her load it onto the cart. They said goodbye, and she entered the airport. Mina, at the check-in, let the two suitcases on the lane be loaded on the plane to Chicago; from there, she went to security and passport control and headed to the exit for her flight. He went to buy water and juice for the flight and a coffee, took chocolate and biscuits and a crossword puzzle, paid at the cash register, and continued to the exit. She found the way out and sat waiting to be called for the flight. He drank his coffee and began solving crossword puzzles. At ten-twenty, she began boarding for her flight; she was the first to travel in first-class and boarded the plane, took her seat, put her bags in the trunk, left her crossword puzzles, a book, and a phone and headphones. He sat down and bought his belt and called Paul for the last time to tell him that everything had gone well and wished him good night. He leaned back comfortably and stared out the window. At eleven, they took off, and the flight attendants wished them a light flight and passed in the carts with drinks and snacks. She took a glass of white wine and roasted nuts and blackcurrant juice. The plane was not very full, and there were only three more passengers in first class. They played a comedy, and she stared at the monitor. He drank his wine and enjoyed the flight. Later, the flight attendant offered her dinner, and she took a seafood salad and venison steak with potatoes and stewed vegetables, a fruit salad with vanilla ice cream, and another glass of wine. Dinner and listen to music on your phone. The flight passed quickly when they landed at three in the morning. She got up, put her things in her bag, put on her jacket, took her luggage, and got off the plane. He went to the passport office, showed his passport and from there went to get his suitcases. He took a cart, put his bags on it, and went to the bar to get his suitcases. From there, he went to the free shop and bought small gifts for everyone, a bottle of champagne and cognac, some chocolates, and a jar of honey, paid, and headed for the exit. To her surprise, Paul was waiting for her at the exit of the arriving passengers, had checked when his sister's flight landed, picked up Annabelle's jeep, and went to the airport to meet her. They loaded their luggage on the jeep and headed for the caravan park on the other side of town. It was five in the morning when they reached the parking lot. Paul unlocked the RV and brought in Evelyn's luggage; Cynthia got up from the noise and went to see what was happening. Good morning Evelyn, how are you traveling?
Good morning Cynthia, thank you very much. I hope you didn't wake me up?
I didn't go to the bathroom to check on the dogs and the cat when I heard you come in. Paul, you got up early today; I think Evelyn will be here at eight.
No, she landed at 3 in the morning. I checked and went to the airport to wait for her. She was going to wait for us at eight at the airport.
Good thing you checked and went to pick her up. Evelyn, if you want to go to bed, will I stretch out on the couch?
Oh no, I'm not tired. Paul, did I get everything out of the car?
Yes, all bags are in the room.
Did someone want coffee?
Please double espresso with a lump of sugar.
And for me, one please latte with two sugars.
Cynthia let the coffee machine heat up and made the coffee. Annabelle also rose from the aroma of the coffee; good morning to all the early risers. She made a latte and sat down on the couch next to Evelyn.
How are you? How did the flight go?
Well, thank you and how are you?
Well tired from the long drive through the country but happy. Won't you go to bed? Have you been traveling all night?
No, I slept a little on the plane, and I'm not tired. Sorry, we woke you up.
No problem, I went to the toilet and heard voices and came to see what was happening.
Everyone sends you many greetings and that they miss you. Michelle's class gave her a card and a present.
Exceptionally kind of them, she will be pleased.
Where did Paul say it was my luggage, to take the sandwiches and the juice to put them in the fridge?
In which bag are they to bring them to you?
In the backpack, please bring it and the bags from the free shop.
Paul brought her bags and backpack.
Come where to put them?
Be careful that there are choppy things inside. Give me the gift bag, please.
Paul handed the bag to his sister, and she opened it and pulled out the gifts she had bought them. Then he took his backpack, took out the sandwiches and juice, and handed them to Paul. She then took out her laptop and phone and laptop chargers and turned them on to charge. She had also brought her modem for the Internet and turned it on to set as well. He also took out the bottles of cognac and champagne and put them to cool. She had taken dried salami, sausage, and smoked bacon, which she put in the refrigerator. Then he put the backpack and empty bags in the room.
What are your plans for today?
If it's not raining, we plan to take a walk around Chicago. But first, we will have breakfast, and you will rest.
I will be glad to be able to visit some other museums. How will we distribute for sleeping in the evening?
Michelle and I sleep in one bedroom, Cynthia in the other, but there are twin beds, and Paul sleeps in the third bedroom. You can sleep in either Cynthia's room or the bedroom downstairs on the PB. Upstairs are three bedrooms, two of which share the large bathroom, and the third has a separate small bathroom and small living room. Downstairs there is another bedroom with bathroom, kitchen, and large living room and dining room.
You have a very luxurious mobile home.
Mercy bought it when I had to tour my book, and I don't regret it. As well as purchasing the mansion in the city and the jeep. This way, I can create amenities for Michelle, Cynthia, and me. Our families visit us every year, and I am glad that we have enough rooms.
Will Cynthia have a problem sharing a room with you?
Evelyn doesn't get upset when you want to be in the room together. There is room for everyone, so everything is ok.

When Michelle got up, they had breakfast with the sandwiches Evelyn had brought. After breakfast, they went to change and feed the animals and went to the city by jeep. Paul locked the RV and set off the alarm. First, they went to the mall that Evelyn had forgotten to get her swimsuit and hiking gear. She also bought some summer pants and dresses, three skirts and blouses. She also liked some sandals and sneakers as well as running equipment. From there they went to an art gallery and for a walk in a large park. They had parked next to the gallery and used the good weather to walk. At three, they had lunch at a pizzeria and then went to the movies. They returned at seven, and Cynthia prepared dinner. He baked the two pheasants in the oven with potatoes and root vegetables, and then they would make a country salad. Paul cut some appetizers and poured a glass of wine for everyone and Michelle orange juice. They sat outside because the weather was nice, turned on their TV, and watched a show. Dinner was ready at eight, and they made a country salad and served dinner at the outdoor table. In the evening, they put the table and the chairs in the trunk, put the TV inside, locked the jeep, and went back to the RV. Paul took Evelyn's luggage to her room. She unpacked one suitcase, put her clothes in the closet next to her bed, then took the things out of the second suitcase and arranged them in the bed's drawers. Arrange the clothes you bought today in the closet. Then he unloaded the empty bags at the bottom and put them in the trunk. He went upstairs again, arranged his toiletries in the bathroom, and arranged his books on the shelves above his bed. He tucked the backpack in the closet and placed the medical bag under the chair next to the bed. Cynthia helped her settle in, and then the two went downstairs where the others were watching a movie. They stayed up late and played dominoes. Annabelle ran her show and phone and was overheated by phone calls. When they went to bed, one passed through the night. They said good night and went back to their rooms. Paul let go of the lamp before going to bed.
The week in Chicago passed quickly, they visited many museums, and they set off on the morning of June 10. They were on their way to Texas. They left early in the morning; Evelyn was going to drive. They packed everything up and locked the cupboards, made sandwiches for breakfast, washed fruit, filled a thermos with coffee and one with tea. They loaded the cooler bag with water bottles and soft drinks and put it in the jeep. They put on one coat of clothes to change if it got warm. Evelyn took her medical bag, loaded the dog and cat feeders with water and food, and loaded them into the trunk of the jeep. They locked the RV and set off. Chicago
Illinois, United States, took W Ida B. Wells Dr to IL-110 W / Chicago - Kansas City Expy / Dwight D. Eisenhower Expy / Eisenhower Expy 2 min (0.4 miles). They headed south on S Federal St to W Van Buren St 0.2 miles. Turn right onto W Congress Pkwy / W Ida B. Wells Dr, and continue on W Ida B. Wells Dr 0.3 miles. I-55 S and I-44 to US-277 S in Wichita Falls followed. They took the exit from US-277 S / US-281 S / US-287 S 13 h 34 min (932 miles). In the middle of the traffic, they stopped to rest and take turns. They refueled the jeep and RV with fuel at the oil station where they had parked. After eating, they continued on their way. Annabelle sat down to drive, Paul, as always, telling jokes to distract them. Michelle had taken out her sketchbook and was combing. Cynthia had several business conversations and then called her sons.
Continue on IL-110 W / Chicago - Kansas City Expy / Dwight D. Eisenhower Expy / Eisenhower Expy (signs for I-290 W / W Suburbs / I-90 / I-94 / Kennedy Expy / Dan Ryan Expy / Indiana / Wisconsin ) 0.4 miles.
They kept to the right to continue to I-90 E / I-94 E 174 feet. They kept to the right at the fork, followed the signs for Dan Ryan Kennedy Expwy, and merged onto I-90 E / I-94 E.
1.5 miles. They took exit 53 to enter the I-55 S / Stevenson Expy to St Louis and continued on the I-55 S 136 miles. They stopped to rest and refresh again. For lunch, they had a burrito and a Mexican salad. They sat at tables outside while they ate. They decided to drive a little longer before stopping somewhere for the night. Cynthia got behind the wheel, and they set off. At the fork, they kept to the right to stay on I-55 S 64.8 miles. They reluctantly stayed on I-55 S at the fork, followed by signs for St Louis 89.3 miles. At the fork, they kept to the left to stay on the I-55 S 1.7 miles. They continued straight on I-55 S / I-64 W and entered Missouri 1.7 miles. They used both right lanes to take a 40B W output for I-44 W 0.4 miles. They entered I-44 / I-55 S 0.9 miles. At the fork, they kept to the right to continue on I-44. They stopped paying tolls and entered Oklahoma
378 miles. Here they decided to spend the night and continue their journey in the morning. They parked at a rest station. The dogs and the cat walked around the parking lot. Then they had dinner leftover from the night before, and after that, they went to bed early.

In the morning, they got up early, took a bath, and had breakfast. They made sandwiches, a thermos of coffee, and another of tea-washed fruit for the trip and put in a box of muffins and cookies. Annabelle got behind the wheel, and they set off. After 378 miles, they stopped to rest at a gas station. The dogs and the cat walked to relieve their needs, then they went to the toilet to refresh themselves and had breakfast. After eating, they set off again, Cynthia driving this time. They used both right lanes to take output 34 for I-44 W / US-412 W to OK-66 / Tulsa. They stopped paying tolls for the toll road 1.0 miles. They then entered I-44 / US-412 W.
4.1 miles. At the fork, they kept to the left to continue on I-44 14.3 miles. From there, they entered I-44
1.0 miles and kept to the right to stay on I-44 stopped paying tolls again for the toll road and drove 72.2 miles. They kept to the left to stay on I-44, where they stopped paying tolls again and drove 14.0 miles. They used the left lane to take the I-35 S / I-44 W output to Okla. City / Downtown / Kilpatrick Turnpike stopped paying tolls for the toll road, and after 0.5 miles, they entered I-35 S / I-44 4.2 miles and stopped exchanging money on Cynthia and the worse. Evelyn measured her blood pressure, which was low, poured a cup of coffee, and gave her a muffin, then took the driver's seat, and they set off. Cynthia was sitting in the back seat, finishing her coffee.
They kept to the left at the fork to continue on I-35 S, followed by signs for Okla. City / Dallas 6.6 miles. They kept to the right to continue on I-40 W, followed by signs for Amarillo 4.7 miles. They used the left lane to stay at I-40 W 0.1 miles. They used the left lane to take exit 147A for I-44 W / OK-3 E to Lawton / Dallas 0.4 miles. At the roundabout, they entered I-44 / OK-3 E 4.4 miles. They kept to the right at the fork to continue on I-44, followed the signs for US-62 W / Lawton, stopped paying a new toll for the toll road 17.8 miles. They kept to the right at the fork to stay on I-44, stopped and paid a new toll for the next toll road, and drove 31.3 miles. They kept to the left at the fork to stay on I-44; they stopped and paid a toll for the toll road and entered Texas driving.
80.9 miles. And they stopped having lunch and changed, ordered a hot dog, and used the toilet. As they dined, they set off again, and Paul sat down to drive. Continue on US-277 S / US-281 S / US-287 S 0.6 miles. From there, they took the exit to US-277 S.
0.5 miles, continued on US-277 S and passed 7-Eleven (left at 126 miles), two h 10 min (151 miles). They then continued on the US-83 S / US-84 E for about 1 minute (1.2 miles) and followed the US-83 S to Froste Ln in Runnels County.
40 minutes (41.6 miles) to their final Texas dysentery
The United States. They will stay here for ten days for a maximum of two weeks. They parked in a parking lot for caravans and trucks. They unloaded the jeep, put everything in the RV, walked the animals, and then cooked dinner. Cynthia lay down as she was still low-blooded, Annabelle, and made a double espresso with three lumps of sugar. Evelyn put to cook stew with sausages and pork. Put three sprigs of leeks, a kilo of old onions, and ahead of garlic canned lump salsa and grated three tomatoes; fry them and add the meat and sausages pour a cup of vegetable broth, and put it to bake in the oven. Boil a few large potatoes and make a puree. Then he made a country salad and cut appetizers, opened a bottle of Chardonnay, and sat down to drink a glass of wine before dinner.
Michelle was painting the sunset outside, and the dogs were running past her. Annabelle let her wash the clothes from the last two days and ironed the dry laundry from the previous washing machine. Paul worked on his laptop and made several phone calls. They used the bedroom downstairs as an office at the moment. Dinner was ready at eight, and they were eating outside because the weather was nice. After dinner, Paul put the tables and canteens in the trunk. Annabelle put the laundry in the dryer to dry, and Evelyn washed the dishes and put the rest of the stew in the refrigerator. She made a cocktail, put them on a tray, and went to the living room with the others; she poured raspberry juice for Michelle.
Cynthia went to bed early, and the others watched a TV show. They went to bed at midnight when it rained, and a storm came out. They slept until late the next day when they got out. It was still raining, but the storm was weaker than the night before. They got dressed and went down to make breakfast. Michelle made oatmeal with maple syrup, and Evelyn made it for everyone, put some grilled bacon on it, and made sandwiches afterward, drinking herbal tea with lemon and honey. After breakfast, they decided to rest in front of the TV. At noon, it stopped raining outside, and after lunch, they decided to go for a walk in the jeep. They went to a nearby farmer's market to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. From there they went to the cinema, and after that, they went back to the car park for the night. They order pizzas on the way back, and when they get home, they have dinner and an early night.

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Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood