Inspired from the novel 'Klara and The Sun' by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Klara [Prelude] Epilog

Klara standing motionless in a field
Figures&shadowy shapes scattered about
Up in the sky birds whirl in patterns
Trilling songs form like digital code

Klara's body no longer moves
Only the logic program&memory survives
An anroid's reflection in the mirror of time:


Klara, alone with your memories
Standing still beneath the written sky
Unable now to even blink an eye
But for you the blind never saw a word.

Maybe it was a real bird you saw
Looking with fixed head
Still and silent .

Unmoving as cameras panned slowly
Over landscape scenes.

Poetry by Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 163 times
Written on 2022-01-12 at 11:45

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Griffonner The PoetBay support member heart!
Mysterious, is how I would sum up my thoughts about this poem. I have read it several times and get a sense of darkness. There are more reads ahead of me, and maybe then I will see the light.


Relatively Speaking
by Chaucer Whethers