"RESURRECTION FROM MUDDY WATERS, PRAISE GOD, THE SUN IS STILL SHINING JUST ABOVE THE CLOUDS!!!!!" This poem was inspired by these words from my cousin to me about a poem I wrote called, "The Murder of Death by Transfiguration."

Resurrection From Muddy Waters

The muddy pool stands quiet
Life has left it long ago
Nothing but mud and water
Ne're a living soul.

There are no fish swimming
No frogs on lily pads
No cattails swaying
Death is all it has.

No animals come for drinking
No birds fly overhead
Not even a buzzard soaring
There's nothing to be had.

Once there was a pool
With water crystal clear
The streams of life were flowing
And kept it pure all year.

But then the storm did rage
And ripped the earth to shreds
Tearing out the cleansing spring
Leaving the pool unfed.

The world around this pool
Began to die and wane
The loss of life was imminent
With nothing else to gain

But then the storm did rage
And moved the earth about
Carrying all the carnage
And leaving an opened spout

The spring was overflowing
It carried life within
To fill the living pool
To bring life to the world again

Do you see the fish swimming?
Do you hear the frogs sing?
Do you know that life is living
In the crystal pool again?

The storms of life bring death
They bring life again its true
Only hidden behind the clouds
Is the sun that shines for you

Resurrection from Muddy Waters
Is the story of life from death
Its the story of times and changes
It's the story of each new breath.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-06-21 at 04:02

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its amazing.
YOU'RE amazing!
you have a gift
you can speak in metaphores
realising the similarity between to different things.
this spoke to me.
yay! your poetry makes me happy

Malin Johansson
Full of imagination... A good piece here!!!
Regards to you

ark Angel
I love your poems. Read mine please.

Does your cousin write poetry as inspiring as you do? Jus checking....
Its a quiet, stormy, lovely write. Lots of vivid images.

Excellent poem - Expresses the reality of life in a raw form. The symbolism in the stagnant pool is something I really like... Thanks for sharing.


A Heart of Tears
by Kathy Lockhart