Of verses and dreams......

`twas a poem I wanted to write,
some verses to show the plight,
so the struggling mind is free,
from the words that cause grief,

I stumbled upon many ideas,
Driving through the freeways,
Many rhythms and ways were born,
Till my mind could no more say,

And then I wrote a verse,
a poem as majestic as it can be,
Sieving all the beauty through,
As far as my exploring eye could see,

A trip it was through a corridor,
A slip through the complex space,
Call it a ride on time's roller coaster,
Or a walk through a nice summer lane,

The discovery that came within made me realize,
Extents of wonders a human thought can heave,
Breeding through grounds of solitude,
Rooting deep like a silent tree,
Snaking wilderness like the streams under,
And then flowing out on the raging sea,

The secret of life spreads its wings,
Till the mystery of it all escapes its ring,
To those who wander deep in the woods of mind,
It unfolds the truth as an unknown find,

The thought and the light then ended and began a fear,
I dropped the pen and shed a tear,
For once again was killed, a precious being.
The spirit of the words that made me dream.

Poetry by sagi
Read 875 times
Written on 2006-10-21 at 19:56

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this was a grate poem
it flows like the wind wunderfully

enjoyd reading it

Zoya Zaidi
The poem that has come out of your pen,
Is the realisation of life again,
That has begun to flow through you,
The silence is yours, the thought is you!

Welcome back dear Sagi,

Your pen has brought out a gem!

How have you been?


The Three Realms,'Mind'
by sagi