To You a fragment of my love...

To You

I want to touch
You with the night
I want to touch
You with the stars
I want to give you
Sun and light
I want to melt
The coldest isobars
With everything
My heart can give
You are my sunshine
And my sky
For you - I only
Shall exist and live
Sweetest rose
The iris of my eye

I want to give you
Shells from the sea
I want to give you
A streaming brook
I want to have you
Here around with me
I want to have near
Your beauties' look
For nothing's more
Precious than this
When you give me
You're smiling eyes
And your rosy lips
Once more I'll kiss
And look upon into
Your fair blue skies

I want this all
To happen very soon
for my love to grow
More on to you
I want this to be like
The sweetest tune
That comes to be
the first and true...


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Poetry by Peter S. Quinn
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Written on 2006-11-03 at 04:33

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