I believe that the majority of people are good but it can only take one bad act to change the face of the world.

Inspired by the Virginia Tech murders.

It Only Takes A Drop

It only takes a drop to poison a well
It only takes a drop to open the door to hell
It only takes a drop to murder and maim
It only takes a drop to set the world aflame

shooter in the school
people lying still
anger with a gun
thirty-three killed

It only takes a drop to start the flow
It only takes a drop to sink the boat
It only takes a drop to alter a fate
It only takes a drop to manifest the hate

bullets in the blood
killer spewing red
carnage in the school
thirty-three dead

It only takes a drop to poison a well
It only takes a drop to open the door to hell
It only takes a drop to murder and maim
It only takes a drop to set the world aflame


kathy lockhart


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1785 times
Written on 2007-04-17 at 20:08

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Kathy Lockhart
thank you Jinx...: D

Rob Taylor
My daughter was at the shootings in Edinboro P and she told stories of horror. You hit it right on the head...you are the best

yes it is the best poem. a one drop of cyanide can poison the water in the bucket. so ust like these social evils and bad things(world is full of with these bad things) makes the world bitter and make i poisonous.
it is very good poem. and best of te best.

Fingers down, hands together, Great one darling Kathy!!!

Colin Skilton
Kath in view of what has happened in the last few days with the terrible loss of life by the hand of a murderer at the University, you can say it only takes a drop of a killers venom to destroy the beauty of lifes sweet youth.
I love your Cou8ntry and everytime i visit i find more and more to enjoy. But your gun laws are terrifying. That any person can buy a gun without being vetted is a dangerous thing to happen. Here in England there are rules and rules on rules, but still they seep through the cracks and people still are killed by gun or knife for no reason.
Your poem says it all so well and the bitter irony that man seems to enjoy killing more than he does creating peace, May God forgive us our cold nature and teach us how to live in true peace.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Katherine a very powerful poem that will go down as a masterpiece comment on this dreadful act of savagery

well done for writing this and hugs for you and your country and the berieved ppl wjo lost loved ones
hugs Michael xxxxylk

Life walks a thin line when rage is set free .. it is such a tradgedy ... ... It is hard to understand what makes a person loose controll ...

I think of all families that hav lost there loved ones in this meaningless act .. And how terrible it must be for the killers family .. knowing what their son did ...

It is such a tradgedy ..............

peter williams
kathy, that is a lot like i write, see a thing and put pen to paper, i wrote on about the iraq war and made it into a song called 'are we so blind' i will get that on up soon, but i am not sure how many i can publish in one week. I have done some nice ones like tha one which was inspired by theland lady at our local pub being pregnent called 'New Life' i have quite a lot on paper but never found a propper plaace to share them untill my cousin Ken put me on here yesterday

Maybe it is more a matter of being mentally disordered, than being "bad"?
However it is, it is a tragedy for everybody.
You express your thoughts and reflections in an excellent way, as always.

and it would really only take so little to change the world for the better too... it`s a real tragedy what happened today. My thoughts goes to the families of the ones who got killed,and to all of the others who survived. So sad......

Wise Write.
Always remember enough weight can snap a steel beam.
When a person has had enough we all let it out in different ways.

Magnificent Write Kathy.

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I think worldwide this sort of atrocity rings at everyones hearts - the needless loss of life, the pain to their families, friends loved ones - all for a moment of carnage and mayhem - my heart goes out to all those who have lost their precious ones - and a plea to let this madness stop - Very heartfelt Kathy, you express what I feel also

Elle x


Pieces of Life
by Kathy Lockhart