7th part of my series (Shannon)

Traversing This Mountain

My journey to climb hasn’t been easy
I've been one to encounter my fears
My past, the sand that blinds my eyes
At least that’s how it appears
I've had days where each step I took
Brought me closer to my goal
Yet my past put me on hard times
And hit me right in my soul
The summit is near I tell myself
Yet I can’t seem to get it right
If I keep letting the past walk
I’ll lose my fire in the dead of night
There have been stops along the way
So I could rest and take in the view
Look into the setting sky above
And ask if this mission I’m on is true
My past has been the blinding force
That has made me rethink my path
I've felt like my own worst enemy
Instilling within myself my wrath
It’s been a long and hard struggle for me
Traversing this mountain alone
I made the choice to correct my past
And wonder into the unknown
The days have been the hardest part
Yet the nights seem just the same
To outlast the obstacles that hinder me
And overcome them is my aim
One day soon I’ll break the chains
That keep me from my goal
And let the good that lies within
Shine free from in my soul

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 970 times
Written on 2007-07-10 at 07:38

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