The 8th installment of my series (Jessica)

Together and Yet Apart

I've lived a pretty simple life
Here in the heart of the ocean
Swimming freely for peace of mind
Never losing my sense of motion
Something tells me I’m not alone
In this world of few and plenty
My waves against the normal travel
I’m the few among the many
I've been one to travel the seas
In search of the fun I deserve
I don’t grow attached to any one thing
To do so works my nerves
I’m everywhere that I've wanted to be
There seems so much I can do
Take a trip down to the Atlantic
Or rest peacefully and enjoy the view
I’m just one wave in an ocean endless
Letting my tides come and go
I never see where the seas will take me
Then again would I want to know
I've met many creatures along the way
For them I have learned one thing
The vastness of the oceans treasures
Change with the coming of spring
So as I move to my next home
I take in the things that I see
Knowing that wherever I go
My spirit will flow open and free

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1077 times
Written on 2007-07-12 at 07:27

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Zoya Zaidi
'My spirit will flow open and free'
Love these lines cool! They sum up the whole poem so well!
Love, Zoya

quite an unusual one....
enjoyed reading this one very much..



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