10th Installment of my series (Linda)

Flowers Need Sunlight Too

For many years I've had sunlight
Shine down on my face
Water to replenish my faith
When weather was such a disgrace
Slow to show my gentle petals
To a world that couldn’t care
I’ve planted my thoughts and dreams
So at least I could have a prayer
One petal fell that faithful day
When the soil ‘round me dried
I lost the faith I always had
My life source finally died
The sun that gave my life purpose
Vanished for clouds took its place
I felt no light could ever revive
The dreams held in this place
Rain fell softly on the ground
I quickly took in all I could
The dreams I planted came to life
The pure, right and good
The love the soil had for me
Was always there in the ground
It took the faith I buried away
To make my foundation sound
As the sun kissed my face
And nature rejoiced with glee
I remembered all the times spent
With other flowers near the sea
With the sunlight shining bright
And loving roots to hold me dear
The support felt from the soil beneath
Will forever hold me near

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 952 times
Written on 2007-07-13 at 08:55

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Lea Foverskov
i've always had a thing for the weather, all Danes do, it's really weird up here, and also all poetry that concerns itself with it. i read yours about winter and snow and couldn't really relate it (which, of course, i don't have to!) but i like this! there are many layers to it, and can be understood in many ways. nice work!


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