13th Installment of my series (Gail)

Pure Like Flowing Water

When I was young and just produced
The gentle springs from which I came
Told me that each day holds a thousand gifts
And we accept them just the same
I took that advice to pure heart
And made a vow it’d always stay
I blessed the springs that gave me life
Before time took them away
Afraid and alone I silently thought
Of the pain that had entered my soul
I looked for a nice secure home
And a purpose to regain control
River by river and lake by lake
I made my way through life
Trying to block out impaling images
That brought back the pain and strife
After the journey I found oasis
In a paradise unknown to me
The flowers produced delightful aromas
While reflection set me free
Unknown to me was the subtle poison
That took aim straight at my heart
The vitality I brought to the light in my life
Had started to fall apart
If it wasn’t for the outside factors
That turned my wrong to right
I wouldn’t have been right here
To survive another fight
I thank the ones who gave me life
For the knowledge instilled in me
As long as I’m here in the place of haven
My water flows quiet and free

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1030 times
Written on 2007-07-17 at 03:22

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Jason Monroe
Very tallented indeed Sir Aaron! Nice writing and message here...keep them coming.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Aaron you really are a very talented young man well done on this brilliant series of poems rgds mike


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