Now that you are gone

Now that you are gone,
Leaving me some seeds unsown,
Leaving me some dreams unseen,
And a fire inside to feed on,
Know that,
Some of those dreams do come back,
Some old fires do drag,
My heart, oh my cruel heart,
Does cry in seclusion of my thought,
some tears up on my eyes,
stagger when I feel and hear,
A voice of you , something I could never tear,
Away from me, apart from my worlds,
Some smiles I had tied with your words,
Laughter that I had shared with you,
some moments spent real close to you,
Know this, for now and forever,
That I always cherished it all,
And I loved you all along,
Now that you are gone.

Poetry by sagi
Read 786 times
Written on 2007-07-18 at 23:15

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