16th Installment of my series (Iris)

Keep Moving On

I've never been one to mess with fate
So I don’t think I will try
I've been blessed to travel the world
And see what beauty lies in the sky
It all started out when I opened my eyes
To see I was floating through the air
Through mountains and over valleys
My destination was not to care
As a seed I spread my knowledge
Through the trees that become of me
Each seed produced is just an adventure
An adventure that in time I’ll see
As a seed it hasn’t been easy
Never planted my roots for any time
It makes climbing any ladder
Much harder and harder to climb
I don’t really mind the seclusion
As soon I’ll be in the next wind out
Seeing what the next stop holds for me
I travel the tailwinds with no doubt
In the moments that I do find rest
I produce a most wonderful scent
That brightens up the other plants
This gift to them is my present
I can’t remember from where I came
For I've seen the lands and more
Each arrival to me is mystery
I never know what is in store
Being passive isn’t a hindrance
For I don’t mess with fate
This in turn gives me purpose
And keeps my mind seeing straight
I've never had anyone with me
On these travels that change my view
It’s been a fun enduring journey
That has since long been overdue
So as I take rest in lands somewhere
I can’t wait till the sun does rise
For I’ll catch the wind and take flight
And enjoy the trip among the skies

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1042 times
Written on 2007-07-19 at 07:03

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Colin Skilton
Hi Aaron
as we fvloat away on the wind so our past remains behind and the future in the way the wind blows.
Lovely next instalment my friend. Such a delightful poem in its own right. it would be nice to see all of the instalments in a book so i can read them all.
Colin :)

Lea Foverskov
wow Aaron, great piece! i've really come to appreciate your poems much more following your explanation, they are really wonderful!


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