17th Installment of my series (Rebecca)

Forced Entry

I built my house in such a way
That it could never cause me sin
I've denied the ones who’ve stood at my door
I couldn’t let just anyone in
My home was a place of serenity
With my family as my guard
I didn’t expect the windows to shatter
And get hit with every shard
They broke in when my house was new
When innocence was in my mind
I found out it was my own security
I had been left confused and blind
They stole my sense of meaning
They took away my sacred heart
This being my sense of direction
I felt my trust had ripped apart
My house had been invaded
Gone my items from this place
Time could recover my broken facade
But never the betrayal felt and disgrace
I repaired the broken windows
I replaced the tattered sheets
I couldn’t repair the security
I didn’t want another repeat
The ones that betrayed my trust
Now locked away behind iron bars
They left me with painful memories
Insecurities and lasting scars
My house today is now restored
Not a problem to be seen
I’m weary of any stranger
Whose age is above eighteen
I’ll protect my home with locks
That only the ones I love can break
As long as the ones who sinned exist
I will forever stay awake

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1020 times
Written on 2007-07-23 at 02:07

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Lea Foverskov
what a great expression of fear and loss of trust! a poem worth reading just to remind us how important our feeling of safety is to our well-being.



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