19th Installment of my series (Beth)

Inquisitively Inclined

Curiosity has been a part of me
Since then when I live in distance lands
I had persistence to guide my voice
And a magnifying glass in both my hands
Anxious to escape the little I knew
I took a long trip over seas
To a place where being curious
Was a major key and necessity
I took the world with hand ready
To receive the many gifts it held
No force could stop my knowledge
Even if it was when I failed
Curiosity to me was really a gift
That I held very close to my soul
I read the books of life around me
For the completion of each my goal
I've had many mysteries to solve
And each one its very own case
I've climbed heights to close them all
So I don’t meet the look of disgrace
When I at last had a new detective
My traits to follow just the same
I’d teach my ways of investigation
In this hit or miss trial game
Always on the move for something new
Many new locks for my mind to crack
When a new unknown appears
My insight prepares and goes to attack
As long as the world around me
From day to day goes to change
Nothing I grab or see is old and grey
All answers around me are strange

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 893 times
Written on 2007-07-24 at 07:48

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Lea Foverskov
you know so many interesting people, or at least you make them seem very fascinating. words flow from you...wonderful!


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