Poetry Profiles have been my latest summer poetry series has been and here is a better explanation so that you understand where I am coming from.

What a Poetry Profile Is?

What is a Poetry Profile?


A Poetry Profile is a poem written about another person; let it be a friend, parent, sibling, family member or anyone. What makes these particular poems special is the fact that you are writing a poem about them as if you were them writing it about themselves.


Example: A writes a poem about B as if A were B writing about B


These poems allow the writer to better appreciate whoever they decide to write about.


How do you go about writing a Poetry Profile?

Well if you would like to write a Poetry Profile, you first need to find someone to write about. You would want it to be someone you know personally so that you can ask them questions about their life. This is the most crucial element to the profile.


Next you ask them 2 questions which are as follows:


“What makes you, you? What are your likes and dislikes? What is your personality?”

Things like are they shy, are they determined, and questions that will allow you to get a feeling for who they are; In other words, the mindset of the person.

“Are there any events in your past that define you today as a person?”

This is the most crucial question that you will be asking because it will allow you to narrow down the symbolism when you go to choose a symbol that best represents the event you wish to write about.

What is Symbolism?


Symbolism is the stage that you will be hiding the event you choose to write about behind.


Example: If you choose to write about someone who has had a lot of problems in their past and has always tried to do the right thing but has always failed you may choose a symbol like a mountain.

These poems are written in the figurative sense so you could either describe the person as a mountain or describe the journey of this person climbing up the mountain and the unfortunate events that happen along the way.


These poems allow you to take a walk in someone else’s shoes by allowing you to write about some else’s life as if you were them. You gain a new perspective on their life plus you get to express your type of writing style.


Good luck profiling!!!

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Written on 2007-07-25 at 03:46

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