This was so much fun writing this with Michael imagining what a first meeting may be like. Hope you enjoy it.

First Date (co-write with Lastromantichero)

Standing on the passenger line 
Full of nerves you know well
waiting for the beautiful blonde
At the baggage carousel
Wonder in my heart of hearts
Its not easy dont you see
But if she likes my shirt and tie
Will it mean that she likes me

And the trembling in my legs my friend
Is more than I can stand
oh the wait its so exscruciating
How I wish they had a band
Well at least I bought new after shave
A trice  to ensure her  kiss
I got it at the duty free
And they call it 'Aramis'

Sitting in five row seat B
Starring out the window pane
Wondering will he smile with ease
As I walk from this aeroplane
Shaking in my new suede boots
Smoothing down my wrinkled skirt
Hoping he will know me now
In my poke-a-dotted shirt

So many months of preparation
Have brought me to this time of glee
I'm a giddy, nervous woman
Will he like what he will see?
Trying not to bite my nails
A manicure will go to waste
Will he like my new perfume
When we stand close face to face?

Are you meeting someone here kind sir 
The perfume girl enquires 
If you are then squirt a little there
Full fill her best desires
I already did I answer then
In nervous shaking smile
But if she sees I'm clumsy
Will it suit sophisticate style

Will she forgive my tripping up
Just looking like a fool
I wished that I was younger now 
Fifty one or thereabouts Well maybe Fifty two
Oh god shes late she didnt come
I wonder will she call
No wait a minute there she is
Oh Lord! will you just look at her
She is so beautiful

As I wander to the baggage claim
With my heart inside my throat
I cannot see, I cannot breath
And I feel like I could float
My nerves are a tangled mass
As is my unkept hair
For I have been in turbulence
Since the plane as landed here

Over there is a striking man
So handsome, strong, and wow
If that's my gentle loving knight
My dream's come true right now
Is he smiling at me or does he see
The girl with the perfume tray
Perhaps I should call his name
And see if he looks my way

Is my hair a stupid mess
am I quite what she thought
And how she fits that wonderful dress
Is my composure gone to nought
I blow into my open hand
Should I take another mint
God she is so beautiful
My dreams are heaven sent

Yes, he's looking right at me
Just look at the smile upon his face
Oh my goodness, it is really he
Shall I run to his embrace?
At last in each other's arms
Our words come out in a stutter
I-I-I l-l-love y-y-you
Is all that we can utter

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1044 times
Written on 2007-08-02 at 07:29

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Zachary P. B.
sweet, kathy. glad to see things are well with you.


I wish I could have found it in me to drop a comment before, but I couldn't. So here I am, trying to get over a bad phase...
I love, love, love this write. So gentle, so tender, so true.
You're both teaching me what to look for, ya know?

Take care Kathy.... and roses do bloom forever. Especially red ones. **grinning**

Warm hugs,

I've been reading this with a smile on my face all the time: what an enchanting mix of tenderness and humour! This text is just like you guys are!

Amanda K
That's so great. You did both capture the feelings of 2 fond hearts. There long hours of waiting,expertation,doubts and nerves.I felt as If i was watching them.

Really Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, like I just said on Mike's page, this is so amazingly sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!
I just love this one since it reminds me a lot of the first time I met my hubby. :)
Very well written,you two do make a great team. :)

sweet !!!!!!!! and you have so truly captured the agony and the wonder of a first date .....

your writing fits perfectly together ....... two people in love that is for sure :)

all my best wishes for you

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Wow Katherine I very much doubt my heart would survive a first date with you you are so beautiful and it was a real pleasure to write this enchanting poem

So are we on next Friday see you in Albany, dont be late please baby you know that Ilove you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxylk Michael


The Misty Yearnings of Our Souls
by Kathy Lockhart