24th Installment of my series (Isabel)

Among City Streets

The game of life was a harsh reality
That I somehow had to face
In the city I lived my life
With my mothers warm embrace
Down on my luck I did my best
My mother a symbol of peace
When she died my heart fell apart
My respect for the world had ceased
It wasn’t fair the condition I lived
On the streets where people would stare
Stare at the face of a girl lost in love
Lost in shadows and despair
Afraid and alone I raised myself
In a way that seemed right to me
Knowing life in the city wasn’t simple
I’d find the strength to break free
As time passed my luck would change
From rags to riches you might say
But I found a way to support myself
And have peace at the end of the day
All going well I found a partner
That I’d share thoughts with for life
Yet that bond weakened just the same
I’d endure the pain known as strife
Once again all alone with a beautiful child
I learned to endure in the city
And know that the heaven bless the ones
Who appreciate the view, nice and pretty
Independence was a strong thing for me
It made me who I was today
No regrets for when I lived on the streets
For those times will always stay
Now when I wonder the city streets
I keep one thing in mind
As long as the hope you have is true
Prosperity and loves what you find

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 903 times
Written on 2007-07-27 at 06:54

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I have only read this particular one
and I like the rythm and the flow.
It's like at fairy tale suitet to be read
I like it! And of course the content is
really important. / danshäxan


An Out of Body Experience
by Coolaaron88